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Today’s music video is Make It With You and the song is performed here by the American Soft Rock band Bread.

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The music from the late 60s and early 70s was just so good, and there was just so much of it. It came from so many different genres as well, and as my music tastes evolved, I realised that there was so much wonderful music from every genre you looked at. While all of it was categorised as just popular music, it ended up being distilled down into different categories.

Here in Australia, every song from every genre had to compete all together, as the market was so much smaller, so some hit songs that performed very well in their separate categories rarely made it onto the mainstream charts as hits here.

While the harder edged music was popular in my circle of friends, I was looked upon sometimes as being a little ‘different’, because I liked so much music from artists and bands not considered to be all that cool.

breadmakeitwithyouThe song I have featured today is Make It With You, and is from the American band Bread. It was a hit in 1970, when rock music was at its peak, well had already been for a number of years. Because of this, this song was looked upon as almost something of a ballad. The genre they later fitted this band, Bread, into was given the label of Soft Rock, and it is probably one of the first songs to come out in the style of what also later became known as The West Coast Sound, as this band originated from California.

As was always the case, the songs only got radio airplay here in Australia sometimes Months after the song had already peaked in the U.S. At that time, it seemed that anything coming from the UK was almost instantly picked up, while some songs from the U.S. you rarely heard. Because of that, and the competitive nature of the Australian National Music Charts with every song in together, this song, whilst a huge Number One Smash Hit in the U.S. barely even struggled into the Top Ten here in Australia, and lasted only a few Months at best before sliding off the charts altogether.

It was written by David Gates, perhaps the most recognisable name when the band Bread is mentioned, but the music that the band produced as a whole stands the test of time as some of the most beautiful to come out at this time, when so much music was oriented towards heavy rock and roll.

While the band were pretty big in the U.S. their songs did not do as well here in Australia. This song was their only Number One,  (in the U.S.) and six of their other songs went into the Top Ten, this was their only song to make it inside the Top Ten here in Australia.

The band had big hits with some of their later songs, the classic If being one of them, a song which almost made it to Number One in the U.S. they were one of the lesser known bands here in Australia.

While their albums sold relatively well in the U.S. their compilation albums, the  ‘Best Of’ and Greatest Hits albums sold off the wall, with their 1973 album The Best Of Bread making it to Number Two on the albums charts, staying on the album chart for two years and being declared five times Platinum, with absolutely enormous sales, and an album I have in my own collection of LP’s.

The wonderful lyrics, when combined with that beautiful voice of David Gates ensures that this band’s songs will always be remembered.

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