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Today’s music video is For The Good Times and the song is performed here by the American Country Music singer Ray Price.

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It’s sometimes a little odd that a song can be a localised hit on some radio stations, and yet not become a hit on a wider scale. That’s the case here with this song and this version of the song. While this version of the song performed by Ray Price was a Number One on the Country Charts in the U.S. and crossed over onto the Mainstream Chart just missing out on making it into the Top Ten, it was hardly heard in Australia. There’s nothing too untoward with that, as Australia is a much smaller market. In the U.S. the audience was huge, so they could have dedicated charts for all the different genres of music, but here in Australia, there was just the mainstream popular music chart, and songs from every genre had to compete together, so, unless the Country song was a Monster, there was not much of a chance it would chart all that well.

Such was the case with this version of this song, For The Good Times,  here in Australia. The song was written by Kris Kristofferson, and he released the song originally, on his own debut album in 1968.

raypriceforthegoodtimesThe song was picked up by the well known Country singer Ray Price in mid 1970 and his version of this beautiful song went all the way to Number One on the U.S. Country Charts and then crossed over onto the mainstream charts as well, his only hit on the Mainstream Chart, even though he had 9 Number One hits on the Country Charts. This song actually was the Academy of Country Music’s song of the year for 1970, and won the Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance.

Here in Australia, this Ray Price version was played on radio, but hardly even registered on the National Chart, spending just one week at number 39, and then dropping out.

However, at that time I just been posted back to Wagga Wagga with the Royal Australian Air Force for another Training course, for seven Months. The song was released after it was in the U.S. and it was later in the year it started to get airplay. The local radio station in Wagga picked the song up, and kept getting requests to play it, so it was a pretty big hit in this local area, so it did get a lot of airplay.

My own tastes in music were expanding in different directions, and while it might not have been all that ‘cool’ for people of my age, still not yet 20, I loved the song.

In late 1973, Perry Como released a version of the song which charted pretty well in the UK. Australian music took a big lead from what was happening in the UK, and radio here in Australia picked up this Perry Como version and it entered the National Charts late in the year.

When a song usually entered the National Charts, it would rise up the charts to its peak position, and then gradually fall back down eventually dropping off the chart.

However, with this Perry Como version of this song, it rose up the charts peaking at Number 10, and then dropped back down to the mid twenties. Then, inexplicably, it rose back up the charts again, this time peaking at Number 8, before again falling back into the mid twenties. Then, in mid to late January of 1974, it rose up the charts again, this time going all the way to Number Two, before falling again, and this time, it did drop off the charts. All up, the song spent just on seven Months on the Australian National Chart, and that’s a long stay for any song, let alone a flat out Country song on the charts dominated by so much rock music as it came around with such a bewildering amount of new songs and new bands and artists, both male and female. This song must have gotten airplay in different capital cities across Australia at different times, and the Single sold well, only at different times, hence the up and down nature of the song as  a hit on the National charts.

The Perry Como version was similar in nature to the Ray Price version of the song, and while I liked it, the original hit by Ray Price was always my favourite version of the song.

There’s a number of versions of the song done by Ray price on the YouTube site, but this one is probably the best of them. He looks a little ungainly as he sings the song, and he is undoubtedly miming it to the studio version of the song, as they all did in those days, but it just emphasises the beautiful lyrics of this wonderful song.


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