Renewable Power Australia – Green Hypocrites Exposed By South Australia Storm

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Wow, the hypocrisy. Check the global warmists now attacking Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for making “political points” about the weather.

Pot, meet kettle. How we laughed.

Last week the Prime Minister pointed out South Australia had just lost its whole electricity supply in a storm despite having more wind power than anyone else.

Prime Minister Turnbull, (left) and Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten.

Prime Minister Turnbull, (left) and Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten.

But that sane comment freaked out Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten.

Shorten is desperate to just blame the weather — a “super storm” with “cyclonic winds” — for blowing over some transmission towers and blacking out the whole state.

But these “cyclonic winds” didn’t reach even 100km/h in the affected areas. It seems the whole system may have tripped because a huge surge of coal-fired power had to be imported from Victoria to balance South Australia’s wildly gyrating wind power. Shorten knows this disaster could finally wake up voters to the insanity of his own promise to somehow source half of Australia’s electricity from wind, solar and dams in only 14 years.

And so he lashed out at Turnbull, which is when the fun started for students of green hypocrisy.

“I have to say I’m disappointed in Malcolm Turnbull seeking to politicise a one-in-50-year storm,” Shorten stormed.

His environment spokesman, Mark Butler, also put on a straight face: “We used to have a protocol in this country where you didn’t play political games, you didn’t seek to score political points, while a natural disaster was unfolding.”

Are these jokers serious?

What else do warmist alarmists do but make “political points” about natural disasters? Remember Penny Wong, Labor’s then environment minister, making “political points” about the drought we had a decade ago, claiming global warming was drying up the rains and we should back Labor’s policies?

“Australia should expect around about a 25 per cent reduction in rainfall in the southern part of Australia,” she claimed.

Yeah, right. Australia has just had its second-wettest winter on record and many of our big southern rivers are again in flood.

The dams for Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide are full, or as good as. Melbourne’s are filling — nearly 70 per cent. Brisbane’s are at 80 per cent.

So much for Climate Council head Tim Flannery’s claim in 2007 that “even the rains that fall will not fill our dams and our river systems”.

But Labor was not alone in playing politics with natural disasters. This opportunistic scaremongering has been standard for warmists since Al Gore exploited Hurricane Katrina in his An Inconvenient Truth, the propaganda film played to millions of Australian students.

The film’s posters even featured the hurricane’s swirl as seen from space, even though Katrina was actually not unusual and hurricanes since have not got worse or more numerous.

But every time a hurricane or cyclone did hit, there was Gore, making “political points”. When Cyclone Nargis killed 60,000 in Myanmar, Gore crowed again: “We’re seeing consequences that scientists have long predicted might be associated with continued global warming.” And green scaremongers have exploited every big drought, flood, fire or storm since.

Remember Greens leader Bob Brown making “political points” about the Brisbane floods in 2011?

Remember Brown demanding coalminers pay for the flood damage? “It’s the single biggest cause — burning coal — for climate change and it must take its major share of responsibility for the weather events we are seeing unfolding now.”

His successor, Christine Milne, followed that script with the 2013 fires in NSW, insisting this was the perfect time to make political points: “There is no better time actually to be talking about how to save lives in the future …

“Look at Cyclone Yasi, look at the floods, now the fires in NSW. When are we going to decide that we accept the climate science?”

Those fires had the hell politicised out of them, even though they were not unprecedented and killed only two people.

Greens MP Adam Bandt linked to a picture of the fire damage and tweeted an attack on the prime minister: “Why Tony Abbott’s plan means more bushfires for Australia & more pics like this …”

Activists joined in. ABC host Kerry O’Brien also preached: “Of course, the elephant in the room on this issue is climate change.”

Even the United Nations made “political points”, with its climate change chief, Christiana Figueres, claiming the fires showed the Abbott government should keep the carbon tax.

And now Labor complains when Turnbull points out that South Australia, the green state, had its power go out?

It complains he’s making “political points” about a natural disaster?

The hypocrites.

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