2016 Presidential Campaign – Journalism Professor Shows Students How Bias Is Done

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~


Again, this is further commentary from Australia on the current U.S. Presidential election, just another part of what has been the widest coverage of any U.S. Presidential election ever seen here in Australia. This commentary from Andrew Bolt mentions what was written by a Journalism Professor at a Queensland University, and it further highlights just how far left any commentary is, not just in the U.S. but also here in Australia…..TonyfromOz.

Is it obligatory for journalism professors to be on the far Left?

Read how Brian McNair describes a future Trump presidency – with rampaging whites apparently treating blacks as “fair game” in a “free fire zone”:LeftTurn

Trump is a “red in tooth and claw” capitalist of the very worst kind, who used his reality TV performance skills to win the support of those goggleboxed masses who will pay the most for a Trump presidency, should it ever happen…

It is their sons and daughters who will die as cannon fodder in the wars Trump will start, or fail to prevent from starting.

It is they whose neighbourhoods will be consumed by ethnic and religious sectarian conflict between neighbours, and by electronic surveillance and unconstrained policing.

From day one of Trump’s presidency, America will become a free fire zone in which if you are black, or “ethnic”, or Hispanic, or Muslim, you will be fair game for WASPs on the rampage…

It is they who will have to hide indoors as riots break out in the streets, and as pogroms of supposed “illegals” sweep up legal citizens of the other, non-white variety.

The curious thing is that – allowing for hyperbole and a confusion between victims and killers – McNair makes a fair fist of describing the Obama presidency, with its racial divides, racist murders of police, Muslim terrorists on the rampage, a bungled war in Libya, slaughter in Syria and the rest.

And what’s with this extraordinary sexism?

All of this, and also the fact that she is a woman, means that in any rational contest [Hillary Clinton] should be favoured by the majority over any man.

Pardon? How would that rank sexism work with a gender swap: “All of this, and also the fact that he is a man, means that in any rational contest [Tony Abbott] should be favoured by the majority over any woman.”

McNair even excuses Clinton’s lies and law-breaking as just a “bending” of rules set by male oppressors:

Sure, she’s guilty of a bit of this and a bit of that in her long career; of bending some of the rules of her deeply patriarchal political culture.

McNair makes me wonder again: what hope do conservative students have in our universities, and not least in our journalism schools?

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