Australian Prime Minister Turnbull Destroys His Own Argument On Same Sex Marriage Plebiscite

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Malcolm Turnbull has been half-hearted and muted in arguing for a people’s vote on gay marriage – and has lost half the support he started with.

This man cripples every cause he argues for:samesexmarriage

Earlier this year 70 per cent of ­Australians backed the “people’s vote” through a plebiscite as the means to decide whether to allow same-sex marriage.

Now, despite Malcolm Turnbull taking that promise to an election and winning, support for the plebiscite has tumbled to 39 per cent in today’s Newspoll.

And for the first time, more Australians (48 per cent) favour politicians on the floor of the ­parliament making the decision.

Even among Coalition voters support for the plebiscite has fallen below 50 per cent… Turnbull is losing another fight — even when he has a mandate…

The failure here has been the government’s inability to lock in the high level of support that once existed and to argue for and ­defend its election promise.

Incredible. Pathetic. Do the Liberals really expect this man can persuade voters to vote for them at the next election?


Dennis Shanahan says something about Tony Abbott which I do not believe – and which I don’t think Shanahan does either, given he contradicts himself in the very next paragraph:

When Tony Abbott says his ­chances of becoming the next prime minister of Australia are “dead, buried and cremated”, he believes it. So should you.

There is little doubt the former Liberal leader, who won government from opposition, harbours the perfectly natural hope that in some Churchillian world he could return but he doesn’t contemplate it no matter how bad the polls ­become…

Can we take Mr Abbott at his word and expectation? The simple answer is that we don’t have to: he doesn’t want the job and his colleagues are far from united in supporting him… Of course, no one at any stage rules out a Churchillian return…

No, they should not.

The question remains: if not Turnbull, then who?

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