Australian Printer Bans Book Against Gay Marriage

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

First we saw two commercial TV stations ban an ad backing traditional marriage. So did SBS. Then we saw a Catholic Archbishop taken to the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission for defending traditional marriage. Next, we saw a meeting of Christian opponents of same-sex marriage bombarded with abuse and threats, forcing its cancellation. And now a printer has refused to print a book arguing against same-sex marriage:

The Australian Marriage Forum announces:samesexmarriage

Yesterday, the publisher, Connor Court, was notified by the printer, McPherson’s, in writing: “Due to the subject matter and content of your book, unfortunately I have been instructed by senior management not to proceed with printing this title.”

McPherson’s is a printing company in Maryborough, Victoria, and is now owned by OpusGroup, headquartered in Sydney.

McPherson’s has had a ten year relationship with Connor Court, publishing many volumes including controversial books such as Ian Plimer’s best-seller, Heaven and Earth, and Cory Bernardi’s Conservative Revolution. Never before has the publisher known a printer to refuse to print a book on political grounds….

“This was a shock, because you don’t expect a printing firm to act as a political censor for the gay lobby”, [author] Dr van Gend said today.

“It is also a shock because it comes just days after the Mercure International Hotel in Sydney cancelled the venue for our big gathering of groups opposing same-sex ‘marriage’, after gay activists threatened hotel staff if they let us meet there….

“I defy anyone to find a single word in my book that should not be printed. I can understand the gay lobby being worried about a book that so clearly exposes the harms of genderless ‘marriage’ and of the whole genderless package deal that comes with it, but they should not try to shut down our side of the debate by banning a book!”

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