Don’t Fly Like This So Called “Refugee” Did

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Refugee advocates in Australia must think we’re stupid. Either that, or there’s some airline we’d better avoid that takes passengers like “Amir” without a single document to identity them.

The Newcastle Herald on what it calls in the headline our “torture” of asylum seekers here in Australia:

20130425_radical_islam_shhh300Amir never had a birth certificate, or a passport, or anything else that provided proof of who he was until he was released from immigration detention and passed the test for a probationary driver’s licence in an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne.

He’d never had a document in his life, so it was a very big moment,” says Pamela Curr, an advocate who has been visiting asylum seekers in Melbourne detention centres since their numbers began to spiral back in 1999.

Soon after receiving the licence, Amir (not his real name) made a mistake. He was caught running a red light, 10kph above the speed limit, without the licence in his pocket. As well as losing the licence, he was fined $1200 he did not have at Ringwood Magistrates Court.

Had he been an Australian resident, this would have been the end of it. He would have been given time to pay the fine and a salutary lesson. But Amir, an Iranian house painter who arrived on an illegal immigrant boat in 2010, quickly found himself back in detention.

Fact check. Amir would not have sailed all the way to Australia from Iran. He would almost certainly have flown most of the way, probably to Indonesia. He therefore had to identify himself to some airline and to customs officials. This involves showing a passport.

Story credibility: zero.

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