Australian Politics – Senator Dastyari and Carr: Took China’s Cash, Took China’s Side

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

How many times did Senator Sam Dastyari and Bob Carr before him – recipients of China’s cash – take China’s side against Australia and its allies? Something sticks here:

Sam Dastyari (pictured) was quoted in a leading Chinese newspaper in 2014 attacking then prime minister Tony Abbott over a speech in which he welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and praised Japanese soldiers.senatordastyari

The Communist Party Guangming Daily article, on July 17, said Senator Dastyari “indicated that, for whatever concerns, economics, security or geopolitics, being ­involved in territorial disputes in Asia was against Australia’s ­national interests”.

Mr Abbott had said in his ­parliamentary speech that he ­admired the skills and sense of honour of Japanese soldiers, China’s historic enemies. The article said Mr Abbott was sending “a signal that Australia had chosen a line, which might bring extreme loss to Australia’s economy and trade” — implying this was the view of Senator Dastyari.

The writer of the article said: “Abbott’s irresponsible comments initiated criticism and condem­nations from all walks of life in Australia.”

Senator Dastyari also appeared prominently, sitting alongside Ernest Wong, a Labor member of the NSW Legislative Council, at a Chinese-language event that Mr Wong then organised for the ­Chinese community in Sydney, with a banner that read: “Protest against Australian Prime Minister Commending the Skill and Sense of Honour of the Japanese Army in WWII.”

The Guangming Daily article also cited former foreign minister Bob Carr as saying: “It is not ­proper for Australia to conclude any form of security agreements with Japan. The Australian government is supposed to keep ­neutral in Sino-Japanese territorial disputes.”…

Senator Dastyari’s views supporting China on the South China Sea, which he appears to have recanted this week, were reported in a long article in People’s Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, in July…

“Any outside interference will not help solve the issue, and will even complicate things,” he was quoted as saying. “The Australian government should urge countries in the South China Sea region to resolve the matter through friendly negotiations.”

Brad Norrington traces the cash behind the comments:

A company called Top Education Institute, headed by former Chinese national Minshen Zhu, had been a big party donor going back to ­Dasty­ari’s pre-Senate days, when he headed the NSW party machine. Now, it seemed, the company was willing to pay Dastyari direct.

A similar thing applied to Yuhu Group, the Sydney-based proper­ty development company headed by Huang Xiangmo, another ­former Chinese national with links to the communist regime and a local public presence as president of the pro-Beijing Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China…

While Mr Huang is Yuhu Group’s chairman, the deputy chairman is no less than Eric Roozendaal, the former NSW Labor government treasurer and one of Dastyari’s predecessors as boss of the NSW party head office…

Another former ALP NSW boss, Jamie Clements, who ­resigned from his position earlier this year in disgrace after sexual harassment allegations, is report­ed to have managed a soft landing with part-time work at Yuhu.

Dastyari talks to a lot of people, among them Roozendaal and ­Clements. As questions mounted about how and why he would ­receive a $40,000 handout from this company to settle a legal bill, one was obvious: Did Huang pay the money after learning from his ex-Labor fellow colleagues that Dastyari needed to settle a debt?

Dastyari … is known to be close to Bob Carr, the former NSW Labor premier and foreign minister in the Gillard ­government. Carr is now professor of international relations at the University of Technology, Sydney, and the director of the Australia-China Relations Institute.

He is widely regarded in Labor circles as a “China lobbyist”. It was Huang who donated $1.8 million to establish Carr’s ­institute…

As Carr writes, it was Dastyari who ­arranged a Chinese New Year fundraiser at Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel in 2013 that raised $200,000.

The proceeds were split between Labor head office, and a Dastyari ally in NSW, Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen.

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