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Today’s music video is I Love The Nightlife (Disco Round) and the song is performed here by the American Rock and R&B singer Alicia Bridges.

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I’ve often mentioned here at my Music Posts about how each generation comes to their own personal appreciation of music at a certain time in their life, usually, around the time they become teenagers, and in my case that was during the early 60’s as the English music scene just exploded with so many new and wonderful bands and artists coming out with new songs at such a bewildering rate, you just lost track of it all, each day a new song, sometimes more of them, and all of them becoming so popular.

At the time, our parents were not all that enamoured with this new music, and then, as we all became older, the music just kept on changing, with different genres coming into and then out of popularity, so what goes around comes around, when we, now as older parents were probably not all that enamoured with the music our own teenage children liked.

Our music that we came to appreciate during the 60’s stays as our most favourite, but then, as we get older, we realise that even though the genres may change, there’s good music, good songs, and good artists and bands with each change.

I was in the Royal Australian Air Force during some of those changes in the music, and being with young men, and young women of a similar age to me, then we all liked the music from our own era. We, virtually all of us, grumbled as the music genres changed, and it wasn’t really ‘cool’ to like the new music.

The two main changes that came ‘after our time’ were Punk Music and Disco Music. We all scoffed and said that it wouldn’t last, as soon enough, the ‘fad’ would wear of, and the bands and artists would go back to making ‘our music’.

Disco music was perhaps the most reviled of all by those of us who appreciated that music of our own time from ten years or so from when it started in the early 60’s. Publicly, we all, almost as a collective would say that we didn’t really like this new music which took over the radio airwaves in such a huge way.

However, what actually happened was that you would notice some of us, me included, actually watching the music clips on the music TV programs at the time, and humming along with the tunes, and actually enjoying it, and then sometimes looking around, perhaps a little embarrassed that you had ‘let on’ that you might even like the song. For me, this was the beginning of a revelation, that no matter what the style or genre of music, I found that I liked some of it, not all of it per se, but some songs, some artists and bands.

Looking back now, I find that it wasn’t really just one or two songs that I liked, but actually a hell of a lot of them really. Not just the female singers who wore revealing clothing, appealing to the ‘male factor’, but the male singers and the bands. I always loved the Bee Gees, and some of us, me included, thought that they had ‘sold out’ when they became such smash hits of that Disco Era.

However, what really mattered here was that the actual music really was good.AliciaBridges

One of those songs from that Disco Era which I really did like was the song I have featured today, I Love The Night Life, sung by Alicia Bridges, who wrote the song with Susan Hutcheson. The song was a huge hit in mid 1978. It sold millions and reached Number 2 on the U.S. Disco charts. It also crossed over onto the mainstream charts in the U.S. as well, and charted into the Top Five.

Here in Australia, a much smaller market than the U.S. we didn’t have dedicated charts for the different music genres, well, for radio purposes anyway, and we only had a National Top 40 for all of the music, no matter what genre it was from. So to make it here in Australia, it had to compete with every other song that was going around at that time. Even so, it still made it into the Top Ten nationally here in Australia.

Far and away the most popular TV music show at that time here in Australia was the phenomenon Countdown on ABC TV, and at that time, more often than not, most of the programme showed Disco hits. The show was immensely popular, with virtually everyone watching it. As young men from the era we were from, even we would watch the show. and more often than not, we ‘came around’ to liking the music from what became known as Disco Music. So much of it was so good really, and looking back, this was the genesis of the time I began to appreciate music across nearly all the genres. I say nearly all of them, because I’m still not all that keen on Rap Music, although I do like a couple of Rap songs, mainly from established artists like Blondie, Stevie Wonder, and one also from Eminem, so I suppose I really am fond of all music, well, perhaps not Opera so much, but hey, how can you not like Luciano Pavarotti. (See what I mean, your tastes in music really do change across the years.)

This was Alicia Bridges one huge hit, the single Monster she had. She was primarily a Rock Music singer, also doing R&B songs as well. This song was originally slated to be a song in the R&B style, but the record producer mixed it into a Disco sound, and the rest is, as they say, history. The song did garner Alicia bridges a Grammy nomination. She had a long career, but this one song was her big smash hit.

Music is good, no matter what genre it comes from. The Disco craze may have passed on, but, thankfully, some of the good songs remain, and quite a lot of them were very good.

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