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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

I suspect the infamous Bad Malcolm is back big time, and that he has made colleagues pay for embarrassing him so publicly in Parliament on Thursday. He’s now making sure he humiliates them in return, and I doubt that will make his leadership much safer:

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull has read the “riot act” to cabinet ministers and colleagues who left parliament early on Thursday night and caused the government to lose a series of votes in the chamber, declaring they’ve been “caught out, embarrassed, humiliated and excoriated” for their complacent behaviour…

Mr Turnbull hit out at those MPs, including cabinet ministers Peter Dutton and Christian Porter and Justice Minister Michael Keenan, who did the “wrong thing”.

“I’ve read the riot act to them, their colleagues will all read the riot act to them, they’ll get the riot act read to them more often than just about anyone could imagine,” Mr Turnbull told 3AW radio.

“They’re in charge of themselves. Two of them were cabinet ministers and one of them was a minister. They’re grownups, they’re experienced parliamentarians, they knew they should not have left and they left early because they thought they’d get away with it (but) they’ve been caught out, they’ve been embarrassed, they’ve been humiliated, they’ve been excoriated and it won’t happen again.”…

Mr Keenan … apologised for leaving vowed not to miss a division again.

“I’ve spoken to the Prime Minister. He’s made his view clear to me that he thinks that that is unacceptable and I accept that completely,” Mr Keenan told ABC radio.


Caroline Overington:

Two questions, after yesterday’s mayhem in Canberra:

a) You reckon Malcolm Turnbull has the stomach for three years of this?

b) Also, can you come back, Peta? All is forgiven.

Because really, what a mess.

How did the government allow the Opposition to get control of the House three days into the new term?


Turnbull seized the leadership with the massive support of the media Left, which praised his every turn.

Now, as predicted, he fails and they bail out on him. The Sydney Morning Herald editorial:

Things are bad when a government becomes a national laughing stock and it’s all self-inflicted just three days into a new term…

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese better summed up the fallout: “If you can’t run the Parliament, you can’t run the country.”…

Above all the events reveal how little has changed since the election. Mr Turnbull cannot afford more weeks like this because his leadership is not beyond challenge and the chances of an early election grow by the day.

And who is the only person capable of taking over?

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