Australian Politics – Senator Pauline Hanson Has Arrived. She Conquers 60 Minutes

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At the recent election here in Australia, Pauline Hanson was elected to The Senate, and for a full 6 year term as well. Previously, she had been a Member of The House of Representatives, as an Independent member for two and a half years from 1996. She was vilified by everyone for her views, and it must have been a struggle for her to continue. She had a minor resurgence in the Queensland State Government after that, but again, she was vilified for her views. They did everything they could to silence her. This time around, she was not given much of a chance, but, in the privacy of the Polling Booth, people voted for her in large numbers, across the whole of Australia. She was easily elected in her home State of Queensland, and she got so many votes, she carried a second Senator with her, and won a Senate seat in two other States, to have four Senators on her team. Again, she has been discredited, but this time, she is much stronger, as a Senator, and also as a person. Everyone had the idea that this appearance on 60 Minutes would be a ‘hit job’, but it turned out entirely different, as she was treated respectfully this time around. The full interview will probably see her with more sympathy and this time, the respect of the people who are learning that mainstream politics just seeks to grind down anyone they perceive as a threat, and this time around, she actually is a threat. Andrew continues…..TonyfromOz.

I thought Pauline Hanson was mad to trust 60 Minutes with interviews. After all, it’s basically of the Left. It usually sneers at people like her. It can edit stuff to make even a saint look sick.

And remember how 60 Minutes stitched Hanson up when she was last in Parliament, two decades ago:

But I was wrong.

What a transformation we saw on tonight’s 60 Minutes, both in Hanson and how the program treated her – with respect and even affection. It was as if this time reporter Liz Hayes did not dare mock Hanson and risk putting her own Channel Nine audience off side. And Hanson is, of course, now much more powerful, back with four senators in all.

Then again, maybe Hanson is this time much more relaxed, more charming, more careful and seasoned. But what went out tonight was gold to a political leader who for years was treated like a pariah, a joke and a bigot. Hanson got a media advertisement and an endorsement bigger – or more telling – than any before in her long political life. That is not to discount the important support she’s had, say, from Alan Jones. But in terms of a signal of which way the media winds are blowing, this was critical.

And may I say that the more Hanson smiles and laughs, the more she confounds what her haters say?:

Watch out for what happens next. It should be interesting to say the least.

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