Coal Is King

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

In the end, what warmists forget is that people want electricity – and they want it cheap:

Coal? Who wants that any more? Ross Gittins, The Sydney Morning Herald, October 14 last year:

coal as energyIn a nutshell … coal’s days are numbered. The rapidly falling price of renewable energy such as wind and solar, combined with the growing resolve of China, the US and others to reduce their emissions, put a dark cloud over the future of coal.

The Herald’s Michael West made much the same call on February 19:

Here is an idea for the Ideas Boom: put a moratorium on all new coalmines. Protect the price of our bulk commodities, protect the nation’s wealth. Don’t rip it up by murdering the price of our biggest exports.

But don’t take their word for it. The Sydney Morning Herald reporting on the return of coal, yesterday:

Less than a year after the coal industry was declared to be in terminal decline, the fossil fuel has staged its steepest price rally in over half a decade, making it one of the hottest major commodities.

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