Australian Politics – Even Journalist Savva Getting Nervous About Prime Minister Turnbull, Scared By Abbott

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Even the journalist Niki Savva, Malcolm Turnbull’s biggest media touter, is now getting cold feet about a Prime Minister who has not achieved one significant thing for Australians in 11 months:

As he approaches his first anniversary as Prime Minister, the number of items on Malcolm Turnbull’s to-do list continues to multiply. His singular achievement so far has been to win the election, if only by a whisker, but it would help his standing inside and outside the government if he could score a few more runs and quickly… A year into the job, and almost two months since the election, he needs to pick up the pace.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

But Savva is even now still deflecting blame from Turnbull to his advisers:

The dismal election result demoralised the party and there remains simmering anger over the conduct of the campaign, much of it directed at federal director Tony Nutt and pollster Mark Textor, although the leader could be called on to explain himself too.

And Savva is still raging at the AbbottAbbottAbbott monster who has obsessed her for years:

Surpassing Turnbull’s to-do list is the number of Abbott’s woulda shoulda coulda moments. Initially denying he had done anything wrong, Abbott has since moved to the third stage of grief — bargaining — lamenting the hyperpartisanship he helped create that he blamed for poisoning public life while unfurling a sizeable list of issues neglected, mishandled or dismissed.

But there’s now the trickle of fear. Savva once contemptuously dismissed Abbott as dead, buried and cremated.

As recently as four weeks ago, Savva was still convinced Abbott could never come back:

In the aftermath of last September’s coup, Tony Abbott was presented with a couple of exit options. One was … to head up a new conservative think tank created ­especially for him… Abbott should have accepted that offer.

Abbott opted instead to stay in parliament… I wrote on these pages last year that would be a mistake, that he was young enough to leave and go on to build another life.

This week underlined, yet again, the sad but true fact that there is nothing more ex than an ex… He had his go… Sometimes people get second chances but not often in politics and not when the failure at that level has been so monumental.

Because his prospects inside parliament remain so bleak, ­Abbott’s friends believe it is ­unlikely he will see out the term.

But today Savva is starting to backtrack:

Conversations swirl about his desire to reclaim the leadership with the help of the devoted delcons. Smarter people regard that as preposterous, although one area where Abbott does have particular skills is in tearing down prime ministers… Turnbull has to be relentless and show he is the one in charge, not Abbott…

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