Define “Critical” Electrical Power Supply

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Curious. Brian Toohey:

Ausgrid, the state-owned NSW electricity distributor, has denied Treasurer Scott Morrison’s claim it provides “critical” communication services to business and government. Morrison said these alleged services raised one of the key national security issues involved in his ban on selling Ausgrid to Chinese and Hong Kong bidders.

Power Lines3Ausgrid told The Australian Financial Review it doesn’t provide any communications services, critical or otherwise, to business and government or any other customer. A spokesperson said Ausgrid had no telco licence or telco customers and its internal communications capability was only used for such purposes as checking faults with its “poles and wires” that distribute power to electricity retailers in major areas of NSW.

In announcing the ban last Thursday, Morrison said a review had identified the national security issues as Ausgrid’s “provision of critical power and communications services to business and government”. The ban applies to separate bids by the Chinese government-owned firm State Grid and the privately owned Hong Kong company Cheung Kong Infrastructure for a 99-year lease of 50.4 per cent Ausgrid.

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