Australian Politics – Prime Minister Turnbull Hiding In His Wentworth Fortress

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Yes, Malcolm Turnbull has shredded the Coalition’s authority with his election pratfall. But he could still lead a credible government, even with a one-seat majority.

The real problem now is that he actually has no agenda and no judgement. That’s what has turned a challenge into a crisis.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Phil Hudson:

Left with a majority of one seat, the government is shell-shocked. It is just one heart attack or disgruntled backbencher away from being forced to become a minority government and the mood inside the Coalition smells of defeat….

Turnbull … needs big victories and it will be tough considering the six weeks since the election have been bumpy with controversies about knocking Kevin Rudd back for the UN’s top job, rushing to announce a royal commissioner into the treatment of children in the Northern Territory who had to be replaced within days, the shambles surrounding the census and the banks rejecting his call to fully pass on the Reserve Bank rate cut.

I believe Turnbull now lacks the confidence to go out and do his job, which includes meeting people who aren’t going to shower him with love.

Sam Maiden:

Turnbull has gone missing in action since the federal election, visiting just seven electorates across Australia and setting foot in Western Sydney only once in 41 days.

The PM has not visited a single electorate in Sydney apart from his own, Wentworth, where he lives at Point Piper… He has not set foot in South Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory, and his visit to Perth [on Saturday] was his first since the July 2 poll.

The travel records of the Prime Minister will provide chilling reading for Liberal and National MPs because they confirm Mr Turnbull has rarely left his blue-ribbon electorate since the night he nearly lost the election. By contrast, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has visited 24 electorates, ­including six in Sydney.

And now Turnbull is even losing control of what should be one of his most potent policies. Fran Kelly, the Leftist activist hosting Radio National Breakfast, and commentator Michelle Grattan agreed this morning that Turnbull is under pressure now over his border policies and faces a “tipping point” on detaining people in Nauru.

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