Recent Energy And Environmental News – August 1st 2016

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

wind turbineExamining the Economic Effects of State RPS Programs

Feds End “Unjust” Exemption for Wind Energy

Germany Votes To Abandon Most Green Energy Subsidies

Renewable Energy Prices in South Australia Hit $14,000/MWh!

Renewable Energy: High Jobs, Little Power

We Need To Talk About The Bad Science Being Funded

Cost of RPS is Too High

NYISO Cites Costs, Capacity in NY’s Clean Energy Plan

The Mysterious “Global Adjustment Fee” in Ontario

When Free to Chose, Why Do So Many People Choose Texas?

US Democrat’s Energy Platform Ignores Wind & Solar Realities

Industrial Wind Energy Costly to Taxpayers

Wind farm developer says regulators set power rate too low

Why Home Solar Panels No Longer Pay in Some States

EROEI: Part 59 (Emperor’s New Clothes)

Green Energy Proving to Be Costly

Turbine Health Matters:

Excellent Discussion of Wind Turbines and Infrasound

Open Letter to World Health Organization regarding Wind Energy Noise

Town Hid Turbine Noise Data from Citizens

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Wind Turbines Killing Tens of Thousands of Bats, Many Endangered

Ontario Wind Projects Killing Endangered Birds and Bats with Impunity

Eagle Nest Near Wind Project Mysteriously Disappears

Cape Wind Project Delayed Over Bird Strike Fears

Miscellaneous Energy News:

Blinded By The Sun

Best Alternative Energy Source is Nuclear Energy

How Renewable Energy Is Blowing Climate Change Efforts Off Course

Some Local US Communities that Restricted Wind Energy in 2015

Study warns of risks to navigation from offshore wind projects

Wind Energy Capacity Value

Australia Considers Banning Wind Energy As It Is Causing Blackouts

Wind Lobby Scrambles to Hide Alleged Influence of Foreign Companies

Wind Project Foe Gets Their Property Rezoned

Somerset (NY) Wind Energy Survey Answers

You’re darn right wind farm opponents will keep fighting

Howard, Tipton county ordinances keeping wind farms at bay

New Children’s Energy Book: Gary the Go-Cart: Wind Blows

It’s Time to Get Rid of the EPA

America Blighted by Industrial Wind

Researchers Fix Frakking Calculation Error

UK (post BREXIT) will increase Fracking

Hinkley Point: Theresa May’s China calculus

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Britain’s New PM Drives a Stake Through the Heart of the Green Vampire

Global Warming Skepticism is Not Fraud

Good short video: Do 97% of Scientists Agree?

Good short video: Climate — What’s So Alarming?

Don Aitkin: A Summary of the Global Warming Issue

The Left’s Climate Change Hysteria

Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Endorses Teaching “Climate Justice”

Students Learn Climate Change Advocacy, Not Climate Science

Guidance on the Use of Deception and Incomplete Disclosure in Research

Very Good Video: Destroying the Global Warming Icon

New Book: Global Warming Mass Movement

Clouds Study Alarms Scientists

Philippines Rejects Paris Climate Deal

Former NASA Scientist Dispels the “Settled Science” AGW Claim

The Green Corruption Files

Real Climate Denial

Senate Dems and Web of Denial Irrationality

Very Good Video: Climate Models

CLEXIT: The Great Escape


Final Thoughts

Our proposed national energy slogan is “All of the Sensible” (in contrast to the absurd “All of the Above”). Once legislators have grasped that concept, the foolishness of the “leveling the playing field” idea also becomes apparent. (Should the 18-wheeler trucks and golf cart playing field be leveled?) Additionally we should be using the term “unreliables” when speaking of renewables. Please pass these on.


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