United Nations Secretary General – Australian Prime Minister Turnbull Can’t Be A Real Liberal To Think Kevin Rudd Is Worth Backing

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

All Australian Liberal Party members should be shocked that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants to back Kevin Rudd’s bid to head the United Nations.

And don’t buy his denials. The Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop are helping the former Labor leader already. Diplomats report they have been asked to help Rudd lobby for votes in the ballot to become UN secretary-general.

KevinRuddUNBut how can Liberals possibly allow Turnbull and Bishop to help an unworthy Labor foe to such a powerful job? It would not just be a betrayal of judgment, given Rudd proved as prime minister he is a poor leader and hopeless administrator. It would also betray the Liberal base and — worse — Liberal values.

It is so typical of Turnbull’s tin ear that he cannot figure all this himself.

It is so typical of Turnbull that he has not already ruled out backing Rudd’s bid, instead saying he will ask his Cabinet to decide.

If Turnbull were — ha! — a Liberal leader with broad appeal in his party, he could perhaps offer a hand to a man of the Left without being attacked as a Leftist himself.

But Turnbull is out of cookies there. After infuriating Liberal members by launching a massive tax grab on superannuation, inviting Muslim hate-preachers to his Iftar dinner, spruiking global warming and dismissing British settlement as an “invasion”, Turnbull’s urgent need is instead to make himself look less like a Labor cuckoo in a Liberal nest.

Already conservative Liberals are preparing to use his support of Rudd as a weapon against him and his crony, Bishop.

Senator Eric Abetz, a leading Liberal conservative, has openly opposed backing Rudd. Even moderate Greg Hunt, the Industry Minister, on Wednesday warned that backing Rudd would inflame the Liberal base and Treasurer Scott Morrison on Tuesday mocked Rudd’s candidacy.

Asked by 2GB’s Ray Hadley if he thought Rudd was unqualified to head the UN, Morrison laughed and said: “You may well say that, Ray, I couldn’t possibly comment.”

Sure, for Morrison this is not just about repairing his own fractured relationship with Liberal conservatives.

He also wants to whack back at Bishop, his leadership rival, who this month leaked that she had repeatedly warned Morrison before the election that his superannuation tax plan was a dud.

Morrison knows Bishop is the most active spruiker of Rudd’s candidacy. Just why has had Liberals MPs speculating that Bishop is either repaying Rudd for leaking to her about then prime minister Julia Gillard or else hoping Rudd will in turn help her find a nice international job.

But lost in all this talk of back-stabbing and back-scratching is the most critical issue for Liberals judging Rudd’s suitability to lead the UN.

Backing Rudd would go directly against the Liberal belief that power should lie with the people and not with unelected bureaucrats or distant officials.

Some commentators insist the Liberals must back Rudd because he would make our voice louder in the UN. In fact, Rudd as UN secretary-general would make the UN’s voice louder in Australia.

Can you imagine his meddling here over our border laws, same-sex marriage debates, global warming schemes and the divisive plan to recognise Aborigines in our Constitution?

Rudd would be on the speed dial of every Leftist media organisation here, not least the ABC, wanting to use his authority to back their preferred causes and help bully Australians into submission.

Moreover, the Liberals must surely know that Rudd’s political philosophy, such as it is, is at deep odds with their own.

He is instinctively a Big Government authoritarian, eager to spend grandly and surrender some of our national decision-making to the UN and the Davos-class international elites.

Naturally, he embraced the global warming catastrophism that licensed exactly that.

Rudd likewise surrendered our refugee program to people smugglers and international human rights lawyers, disastrously opening the gates to 50,000 illegal immigrants.

Similarly, the global financial crisis encouraged him to unleash his inner socialist in an extraordinary essay in which he declared it proved “the international challenge for social democrats is to save capitalism from itself”.

His fundamental misdiagnosis of that crisis, actually triggered by overregulation, prompted him to unleash a titanic spending spree that left Australia with a crippling debt.

How on earth could a Liberal Government support a man with such a record, such a character and such a philosophy?

How could it give Rudd an even bigger platform to trumpet his brand of politics, not just here but abroad?

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