UN Secretary General – How Could Julie Bishop Consider Kevin Rudd For Even A Second?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Will Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop choose self interest above the national interest?

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has asked the government to nominate him for the position of United Nations secretary-general…

Ms Bishop told Sky News she will put the matter to cabinet.

Kevin Rudd has requested that the Australian government nominate him, and as the prime minister has indicated on a number of occasions that will be a matter for the cabinet,’ she said.

KevinRuddUNRudd (pictured, speaking at the UN) should have been privately warned already not to ask and risk embarrassment.

Here is why Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull should not entertain the request for second:


Some commentators back Rudd because they say he would make our voice louder in the UN. In fact, he would make the UN’s voice louder in Australia. Can you imagine his meddling here on our border laws and indigenous recognition in the constitution?


How could a true Liberal Government even consider such a thing? The Liberals know what a disaster Kevin Rudd was as Prime Minister. They – and Labor MPs – know the deep personality flaws that made Rudd an appalling and dysfunctional Prime Minister.

The Liberals should also know that Rudd’s political philosophy, such as it is, is at deep odds with their own. He is instinctively a Big Government authoritarian, eager to spend grandly and surrender some of our national decision-making to the United Nations and the Davos-class international elites. Naturally, he embraced the global warming catastrophism that licensed exactly that. Similarly, the global financial crisis encouraged him to unleash his inner socialist in an extraordinary essay in which he declared that “not for the first time in history, the international challenge for social democrats is to save capitalism from itself: to recognise the great strengths of open, competitive markets while rejecting the extreme capitalism and unrestrained greed that have perverted so much of the global financial system in recent times”. His fundamental misdiagnosis of that crisis, actually triggered by overregulation, prompted him to unleash a massive spending spree that left Australia with a crippling debt which now could now lose us our AAA credit rating.

And, of course, Rudd, so eager for the approval of those elites and so little concerned with national autonomy, surrendered our refugee program to people smugglers and international human rights lawyers, disastrously opening the gates to 50,000 illegal immigrants.

How on earth could a Liberal Government support a man with such a record, such a character and such a philosophy?

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