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Australian Greens Party Leader Richard Di Natale

Australian Greens Party Leader Richard Di Natale

Is Australian Greens Party Leader Richard Di Natale the Meg Lees (former Leader of the now long gone Australian Democrats Party) of the Greens? Or has the green religion simply peaked?  Simon Benson:

Of all the excuses offered for their abysmal election outcome, the Greens leader Richard Di Natale’s has to take the cake.

The reason the Greens did so badly, he claims, is because they themselves fell victim to a protest vote … [P]eople have come to regard them as a major party.

And because this election was about protesting against major parties, the Greens suffered a similarly ignominious hiding as the Liberals and Labor…

As of yesterday counting in the Senate revealed a swing against the Greens of almost one per cent.

It stands to lose possibly three Senate spots… Its dream of a lower house crusade was also crushed. They couldn’t even win the seat of Batman from the bumbling Labor frontbencher David Feeney…

Backing Malcolm Turnbull’s Senate voting reforms may come to be seen as a grave error of judgement by the Greens on a par with the Democrats support for GST in 2001.

And its taste for power over participatory democracy may very well be its undoing…

The Greens saw opportunity in the senate voting reforms for it to increase its number in the Senate by cleaning up the micro-parties.

Its support for the reforms ensured its passage while costing it the campaign donations of the CFMEU because of the reciprocal arrangement of a double dissolution election based on the restoration of the Australian Building and Construction Commission…

The irony that the Greens appear to have failed to recognise is that in its pursuit of being a major player, its appeal for voters diminishes…

No one seriously wants the Greens in power.

A JWS post-election poll, first revealed two weeks ago in the Daily Telegraph confirmed … almost a third of all people who admitted voting Greens – which assumes there are a lot more who are too ashamed to admit they did – did so only as a protest against another party.

Since the 2010 election, the Greens have lost more than a third of their Senate vote.  Power prices have meanwhile shot up, the disasters predicted by warmist extremists have failed to come and standards of living have fallen.

Been there, prayed to that. Heaven did not come. Nor did Armageddon.

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