Australian Election Result – Kroger Says It Was Prime Minister Turnbull What Lost It, Not The Mediscare

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Seven days on from the election, and there is still no definitive result. It looks highly likely that the former Turnbull led (Conservative Parties) Coalition will be returned to Government, but with the slimmest only of majorities, and a Senate that looks to be even more problematic than it was before the election. Counting still proceeds with the Coalition sitting on 74/75 and likely to win at least two maybe three of the seats which are still in doubt, and it might take another four or five days to decide them. The Senate count may take a further week or even more to resolve. The recriminations are still happening on a daily basis though…..TonyfromOz.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Michael Kroger is right and Malcolm Turnbull’s scapegoating of Tony Abbott and Sussan Ley is both dishonest and disgusting:

Victorian Liberal Party president Michael Kroger has sheeted the blame for the government’s disappointing election result to the Prime Minister and his Treasurer, citing a lack of “economic leadership in the country” as one of the key reasons the party failed at the polls…

Mr Kroger also pointed to a period of policy confusion between last September and May when Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Treasurer Scott Morrison floated potential changes to the GST, the ability of the states to raise their own taxes, negative gearing, capital gains tax and superannuation…

“In that period when we were putting things on and off the table and the electorate formed the opinion, ‘well if you fellas, if you people, don’t know what [you] are doing, that’s a problem’,” he said…

Asked by host David McCarthy if the party had “lost the campaign”, Mr Kroger said “it is not the campaign that people should focus on, it’s what happened on the period September to May”..
“Political parties have to take responsibility for their own performance,” he said. “The results slid dramatically from a 56-44 result, where we were 12 per cent in front to one where we are either 1 per cent behind or to level. Something happened, something dramatic happened, it wasn’t an accident, something dramatic happened.”

Turnbull should actually thank Kroger for saving his backside. If the rest of Australia had performed as the Kroger-led Victorians did, Turnbull would have actually increased his majority. Bit if the national swing against the Liberals had been repeated in Victoria, Bill Shorten would be prime minister.

And Shorten will yet be, too, if Turnbull stays Prime Minister.

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