Australian Election Result – Malcolm Turnbull Blames Labor Party, Voters And Tony Abbott For His Own Disaster

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

What the ABC reported yesterday:

Malcolm Turnbull takes ‘full responsibility’ for Coalition campaign performance

That is false.  Turnbull yesterday claimed to take responsibility, but in fact blamed everyone else but himself. He is still in complete denial.

Observe the fraud.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Claiming responsibility:

I want to make it quite clear that as Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Party, I take full responsibility for our campaign, absolutely full responsibility for the campaign.

But still insisting that his campaign was great:

We put forward a very positive agenda, based on my continued belief that the best days are yet ahead of us as Australians and that we need to build a strong economy… We’ve had a campaign, we fought hard, we presented a powerful case.

Don’t blame Turnbull:

Wallowing in blame and recriminations, that’s for people who want to look backwards.

Blame instead lying Labor:

But we have to recognise that the success of Labor’s “Mediscare” campaign – as it’s been called – this base, this extraordinary, outrageous lie, the fact that this resonated at all, sends a very clear message to us… So they piled on, even as the mainstream media and politicians recognise that claim – that the Coalition was going to privatise Medicare – as a lie. They pressed ahead with it…. This was a shocking lie, I’m not going to pretend it’s anything else. 

Blame the gullible voters:

There is no doubt that Labor cynically abused the trust of Australians by lying to them about this. It is something for all of us – politicians and the media – to contemplate… [S]ignificant numbers of people believed it or at least believed it enough to change their vote… Now what we have to recognise is that many Australians were troubled by it.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Blame former Prime Minister Tony Abbott for two years ago suggesting Medicare co-payments:


We have to do more to reaffirm the faith of the Australian people in our commitment to health and to Medicare. Now, that commitment is there, but plainly there were concerns…


Prime Minister, you mentioned today that there was a distrust of your Party on health. How much of the blame for that distrust falls at Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott’s feet for the 2014 budget?


I’m not going to get into the political archaeology of this but it is clear that, look Charles, the bottom line is this; Barnaby and I and my colleagues are as committed to Medicare as any other Member in the Parliament. That’s a fact. However there was some fertile ground in which that grotesque lie could be sown. There is no doubt about that.

Malcolm Turnbull yesterday said he took responsibility. The transcript makes clear that he took responsibility only for his powerful and positive campaign being damaged by Labor lies, dumb voters and Tony Abbott.


Turnbull blaming Abbott is dishonest and weak. Consider: the Nationals’ vote went up, while the Liberals’ vote was smashed. What explains that difference?

A Nationals’ briefing obtained by Sid Maher suggests the fatal difference was Malcolm Turnbull:

Turnbull’s election campaign has been dubbed “aloof’’ and “presidential’’ in a damning assessment for the ­Nationals…

A post-poll briefing to senior Nationals …  criticises the Liberals’ negative campaign as “very weak’’ and “almost non-existent’’ and suggests the “fake tradie’’ television advertisement became a “standing joke’’.

“The Nationals outperformed the Liberals by a country mile in this election,’’ the research finds.

“The campaign also did not ­include key Labor weaknesses — border security and asylum boats, debt and deficits and the prospect of a new carbon tax. Why not?’’…

The post-election analysis from a key external strategist to the ­Nationals campaign suggests that “retrospective’’ changes to super­annu­ation and limits on how much people are allowed to ­accumulate in the pension phase angered many Liberal supporters…

The Nationals ran local campaigns focused around their candidates and buttressed it with attack ads on Mr Shorten’s union links and his declaration that he would govern like a union official.

Nationals sources say they also avoided the “new’’ in Mr Turnbull’s strong new economy mantra and never talked about “agility’.

“Most people live in the old economy,’’ a source said. “And they equate the new economy with losing their job and having to find another one.’

The internal post-mortem finds the Liberals allowed Labor to “own’’ health and education. “By the time the election came around, for many voters it became a referendum on Medicare.’’…

The research finds Mr Turnbull’s “jobs and growth’’ message was “never fully understood by voters’’.

“They had been told repeatedly about “our plan for jobs and growth’’ but with the exception of tax cuts for small business there was no detail or substance to the plan…

“The more Malcolm Turnbull tried to demonise minor parties and independents, the stronger their support grew. Malcolm Turnbull’s attacks on minor parties were seen by ­voters as an ­attack on democracy, limiting their freedom of choice, cutting out the voice of ‘the little guy’ and trying to concentrate all power into the hands of only a few parties — wrong move, very ‘anti-Liberal’.”…


When you read this, know that Turnbull believes Sussan Ley voted for Tony Abbott and that he treats her off-handedly in Cabinet. It would be most convenient for Turnbull to blame a suspected Abbott supporter:

Sarah Martin & Joe Kelly:

Senior ministers are under fire for contributing to Malcolm Turnbull’s election result, with MPs questioning why Health Minister Sussan Ley did not do more to counter Labor’s Medicare attack.

The performances of Defence Minister Marise Payne, Scott Morrison, and Assistant Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer have also been criticised, with a small group of conservatives saying the Prime Minister’s “inner circle” of­­ ­mod­erate-aligned ministers should all be sacked….

MPs who spoke to The Australian yesterday said they were surprised Ms Ley had not played a more prominent role in defending the government from Labor’s Medicare campaign.

“She didn’t counter the Medicare campaign at all,” one said. “She was too scared.”

Campaign headquarters also denied requests for Ms Ley to take part in a debate on health at the National Press Club. Another MP said she was an asset in the portfolio, and if campaign headquarters had not ­allowed her to prosecute the case, this was a mistake…

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