Australian Election Result – Liberal MPs Can’t Trust Turnbull To Negotiate

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Counting has resumed this morning to see just who might have won the Federal Election held in Australia last Saturday. The recriminations are coming thick and fast, in the wake of what may end up a hung Parliament and a Minority Government, no matter who wins. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott won the last election in 2013 with a large and comfortable majority of seats, that virtually ensured they could not lose this election, no matter how badly they did. All that has now gone out the window. (Where you see the Liberal Party here, be aware that this is the major party from the Conservative side of the Political fence here in Australia)…..TonyfromOz.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Which Liberal MP could trust a man so desperate, so of the Left and so politically incompetent to strike a deal with independents for his survival? I’d suggest the Nationals step in, too, before Malcolm Turnbull trashes their brand, too:

Malcolm Turnbull is facing a ­partyroom revolt from Coalition colleagues who are demanding a say in what he can offer independent MPs in order to secure power, setting the first major test of his leadership in the wake of the shock election result.

Ministers and backbenchers have held talks on plans for a ­partyroom meeting as soon as next week to ensure they are consulted on the crossbench negotiations and are not presented with a “fait accompli” if Mr Turnbull needs to strike a deal.

Question: if the Liberals can’t even trust Turnbull to talk to independents, how on earth can they trust him to lead them to another election?


Terry McCrann – and every word true:

MALCOLM Turnbull and our triple-A credit rating are both going to go. For both it’s only a question of timing.

Is there anyone on God’s Green Earth — and getting greener by the day, thanks to wonderful life-creating carbon dioxide — apart from Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull who thinks he has the slightest possible chance of survival?

The lemmings in the Liberal Party who allowed him to lead them over the electoral cliff should ask themselves this one simple question: if he’s not going to lead them to the next election, what’s the point of him remaining leader for another day, far less another month?

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