Australian Election Result – The Real Election Winner? Pauline Hanson

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With the Australian election still showing little resolution, it seems that the big winner is indeed Pauline Hanson. She is perhaps the single most vilified politician in Australia’s history, but mostly by all other politicians, who roundly detest the things she stands for, obviously because of one thing only, political correctness. Pauline Hanson has always said exactly what she wants to say, and that is why they dislike her so much. Each Party, no matter what side of the political fence they sit on, says that they would not work with her, and would not accept her vote. No matter how close the vote was, both sides said they would not accept her vote if she voted with them. The odd thing about all of this is that no matter how vilified she is, and how people, (not just politicians, but even ordinary people) grumble about the things she stands for, she always polls well, and this time around, so well that she looks likely have possibly four Senators elected from her Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party. People can say whatever they like in public, carefully being political correct, but in the privacy of the polling booth, no one knows how you vote. Her slogan is… “I’m willing to say what you’re thinking.”…..TonyfromOz.

The biggest winner yesterday? Not Bill Shorten or even Nick Xenephon. Try Pauline Hanson:

Early Senate counting suggests Pauline Hanson’s One Nation could hold up to four seats in the new Senate and the Nick Xenophon Team may win three seats…

At least four of the eight crossbenchers in the previous parliament are facing defeat. Glenn Lazarus looks unlikely to return while Ricky Muir, John Madigan and Zhenya Wang look to have been defeated.

Bob Day remains a chance if he gets preferences and David Leyonhjelm is struggling but can’t be ruled out. Only Nick Xenophon and Jacqui Lambie are guaranteed of being returned to a Senate crossbench that is set to be larger than in the previous parliament despite some Liberal desires to clean out the “ferals”.

Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson

Hanson’s One Nation could hold the balance of power in the Senate with the party guaranteed one seat in Queensland and a chance to win a second in that state and polling strongly enough to be a chance of winning seats in NSW and Western Australia…

Of the 76 seats the early numbers suggest the Coalition looks to have at least 29, Labor 25, the Greens 9 and a crossbench of 9 with four other seats in doubt….

In NSW … Hanson’s One Nation has 4 per cent of the vote and half a quota. [Liberal Democrat] David Leyonhjelm [with] 2.6 per cent of the vote … may be fighting [for a seat with] the Christian Democrats who have 2.7 per cent of the vote and the Shooters, Fishers, Farmers with 2 per cent.

In Victoria the Coalition … Derryn Hinch has 6.1 per cent of the primary vote and appears likely to be elected on preferences…

In Queensland Hanson has 9 per cent of the vote and 1.2 quotas, which guarantees her a seat and may deliver a second senator depending on preferences… The Katter party is an outside chance with 3.8 per cent of the vote … Family First has 2 per cent and the Australian Liberty Alliance appears to have failed to meet high expectations with just 1 per cent.

In South Australia the Xenophon Team has 22 per cent of the vote and could snare three senators… Family First senator Bob Day’s primary vote is 2.8 per cent and he will need favourable preferences to be returned. Hanson also has 2.8 per cent in SA.

In Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie’s party has won 8.6 per cent of the vote and will get at least one seat … Hanson has 2.6 per cent of the vote in Tasmania. In Western Australia … Hanson [is] on half a quota [and] not out of the running but it will depend on preferences.

How many of Hanson’s voters were conservatives who just couldn’t stomach Turnbull? Now check what support she has, despite virtually no positive media coverage to match the high-octane taxpayer-funded support given to Nick Xenophon and the Greens by the ABC, which it should now be a Coalition project to cut to a less dangerous size.

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