Brexit – The British People Have Risen Up

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

20160622_brexit_EU2016Spiked editor Brendan O’Neill says it best about Brexit:

The people — ordinary, everyday, working people — are giving the establishment the absolute shits. Democracy is glorious. It’s mankind’s greatest idea.

Following this repudiation of the internationalist elites, watch the Left run even harder here in Australia against giving the public a say on same-sex marriage, too.


Donald Trump says he’s next. From his mail out:

Last night UK voters shocked the world… Voters in the United Kingdom chose to leave the flawed and failing European Union and reassert control over their borders, politics and economy, taking a brave stand for freedom and independence…

These voters stood up for their nation – they put the United Kingdom first, and they took their country back.

With your help, we’re going to do the exact same thing on Election Day 2016 here in the United States of America.

I am fighting to upend the failed Big Government status quo in Washington, so that Americans can start believing in the future of our country again. And if elected President of the United States, I will strengthen our ties with a free and independent Britain…

Yesterday UK voters exercised their right to self-determination for all the world to see. And today, our friends across the Atlantic are looking forward to a return to greater freedom and a better future for their children and grandchildren.

Voters here face the same choice on Election Day.

Andrew, the political elites didn’t see this coming. Wall Street and the media didn’t have a clue. And they want to believe just as badly that we cannot win in November.

Let’s send another shockwave around the world. Let’s take back our country from the corrupt career politicians and put Americans first. Let’s re-declare our independence.


Democracy sucks when the people reject the diktat of the elites, and decisive wins become “close”:

Commentators in Australia such as Laurie Oakes now ditch all that the-voters-are-always-right stuff, and damn 52 per cent of Britons as crazies:

BEWARE the swivel-eyed loons. That is a message the (now former) British Prime Minister David Cameron got loud and clear yesterday. And the relevance to Australian politics will not have been lost on Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

And who might Oakes and Turnbull consider “swivel-eyed loons”? Why, it’s members of Turnbull’s own party:

In the past, Turnbull would have had a Cameronesque view of many right-wing Liberal branch members — the sort who ooze resentment over the ousting of Tony Abbott.

He possibly still does, but he has learnt from his first unsuccessful stint as party leader not to show it.

The way he is avoiding confrontation on climate change or gay marriage may disappoint former admirers, but it demonstrates a sensible wariness toward sections of the Liberal Party base where wildly rotating eyes are certainly not unknown.

A leader with contempt for his own supporters is not a leader his own supporters should vote for. Nor is he likely to persuade many opponents of his party to vote for a party he himself holds in contempt, too.


Paul Kelly seems to suggest it’s racist to want to control your own country’s destiny:

This vote will trigger multiple crises — constitutional, economic and strategic. The upshot will be a weaker Britain, less influential and cast into domestic political turmoil. Europe’s future is at risk, with the prospect of a domino ­effect.

It is a win for populism, xenophobia, economic resentment, domestic immigration control and a visceral but undefined longing for Britain to reclaim control over its policies and structures.

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