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Today’s music video is Come Into My World and this song is performed here by the Australian superstar Kylie Minogue.

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I have posted this song today, not really for the song, but for the video of the song. I’m not really a huge fan of Kylie, because her songs may be aimed at a different audience than my favourite music, but I respect her for what she has achieved across the years, and hers is a story of someone working incredibly long and hard virtually all her career to achieve what she is, and what she has today. She has invented, and then re-invented herself many times over, and in fact, she is the highest selling music artist of all time here in Australia, and there’s no way that could be achieved without anything but hard work and application. She is to be admired, not only for her career, but for her personal life as well, where she is a role model for so many Australians.

How often have you watched a music video, and well, it’s okay, good backing for the song, and sometimes even well done, with a story attached to the video, as is the case these days. This video is entirely different story.

Kylie Minogue

The song itself was already a medium sized hit for Kylie, and I had heard it a number of times, but when I saw this video of the song, I paid really close attention, as it was done so cleverly. I only saw it a couple of times, and when I heard the song again played during this last week, I immediately remembered the video, so I chased it down and found it. The more I watched, the more clever it was, and you need to watch it a few times to get what is happening here, and to see just how cleverly it is done.

The concentration at first is just watching Kylie as she walks around what is basically a continuous loop at an intersection, but with each trip around that loop, something new happens, and it’s too complex to explain. You just have to watch it to see for yourself.

I then tracked down the information for the song, and the video was my main aim here.

The video was shot at an intersection in a Paris suburb. They used fifty extras for the shooting, and you can imagine that it must have taken careful planning to shoot the video. While it ‘seems’ to be continuous, each of the four trips around the intersection had to be carefully planned, and then individually filmed, so it must have taken a while to do the work for the ‘shoot’, with each pass carefully structured and timed so that it would ‘fit’ into the end product of one seamless video, made to fit the song itself.

Watch at the beginning where the camera pans towards the shop, and see the man climbing the ladder. Then watch as Kylie walks out of the shop, and drops the parcel, and then starts off on her first loop around the intersection. A little further down, watch the extras in the background dropping stuff from the upstairs apartments. Then a little further on, the motor scooters parked on the street fall over. Next is the man pasting a poster on the wall, a couple on the park bench and a lady pushing the pram. Kylie then walks across the crossing, and then spins around the pole, then across another crossing and behind the Volvo sedan, with the parking attendant giving that Volvo a ticket. Then we are back at the start as she walks under two men climbing two ladders. Then we see Kylie walking out of the shop, dropping the parcel, as the first Kylie stops to pick up that parcel and then continue the whole loop again.

Now watch this new loop and all those scenes previously filmed, as they all change with new things added.

The whole effect is just amazing to watch as she seamlessly continues the song.

Now, imagine how much work went into making that, to get everything absolutely exact, not just the positioning, but the timing itself.

Now, think back to the song itself, as with each pass, each of the new Kylie’s is singing the exact same phrasing of the vocals and the lyrics.

That is what makes this video so amazing, the work that went into actually making it work so well.

Each pass Kylie makes is different and you need to watch the most recent Kylie as she sings and walks, and watch that section where she twirls around the pole.

Watch the fracas with the falling motor scooters, the men on the ladders, the park bench, and too many things to even mention.

This video took 15 days to digitally master and get it right.

It’s just an amazing video.

Kylie’s career is now as stellar as some of the biggest names in music of any genre. She started out as a TV actor and probably just an average one at that. Her big break was with the Australian TV Serial Neighbours, where she had a part that made her one of the biggest things on Australian TV, and one which gave her a number of Australian TV Awards. She always harboured intentions of a music career, and when she recorded her first song, it was a cover, one performed and made into a hit a couple of times already, The Gerry Goffin Carole King written song, The Locomotion, made into a smash firstly by Little Eva and then Grand Funk Railroad. When this Kylie version was released, most (uninformed)  people thought of it as a TV star just furthering her acting career by releasing a song. It was however, a Monster Number One smash hit here in Australia, and in the UK, and also in the U.S. as well. It won Kylie music awards here in Australia, and also a trip to the UK to further her music career.

Now get this.

When she arrived in the UK, the company had heard very little of her and actually ‘forgot’ she was coming, so she waited in the waiting room. Inside, Stock Aitken and Waterman hurriedly knocked together a quick song for her to sing, and a little while later, she was ushered inside. That song was I Should Be So Lucky, what could only be termed an ironic title at best. Kylie recorded the song, and it went straight to Number One in a flash, not only in the UK, and her home Country Australia, but in a number of other Countries as well.

The rest is history, as virtually everything she released became a huge hit, and Kylie became the phenomenon she is still today, now 30 years later, and in those thirty years, Kylie has stayed at the absolute zenith of a music career virtually unequalled.

Over those years, in much the same manner as Madonna, Kylie has invented, and then re-invented herself, and with each new turn, she has been successful.

Kylie Minogue is a household name here in Australia, and is without doubt, one of the most respected names in music.

The song and the video I have featured here today was released in 2002, and it won a Grammy Award in 2004, making Kylie only one of only eight Australian Grammy Award winners.

Her music may not be my favourite brand of music, but over the years, as I have said so many times, music is more than what you just like personally, and with a video like this, an amazing voice to go along with it, and such a huge career, it’s now just part of that overall music I like from every genre.

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