Australian Election 2016 – How Many Mining Industries Do The Greens Plan To Ruin?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Terry McCrann wonders if the Greens leader understands that banning coal means ruining the iron ore industry, too:

After one of those all-too characteristic over-extensions of a guest’s point from Q&A host Tony Jones, that the Greens were thus opposed to all new forms of mining, Di Natale interjected: “Coal mining, Tony.”

Australian Greens Party Leader Richard Di Natale

Australian Greens Party Leader Richard Di Natale

And again, when Jones only partially walked back from his over-extension, saying: “Coal mining, iron ore mining, gas mining (sic),” Di Natale interjected even more emphatically: “No, no, we’re talking about coal mining here, specifically about coal.”

And Di Natale followed that up with: “No one said you should shut down the iron ore industry. I mean that’s a ridiculous (my emphasis) proposition.”

Two points need to be drawn from that last Di Natale outburst. The obvious one, that he thinks iron ore mining is just fine; but secondly, that he and the Greens really aim to shut down coal mining, not just to stop new mines, whatever they might pretend in an attempt to partially ‘de-loon’ themselves.

Would someone care to tell Di Natale that not only is there no point to digging up iron ore — and indeed, no one would buy it from us — if you don’t also dig up coal or at least let someone else do that digging.

Because it is quite simply impossible to turn iron ore into steel without burning coal; and in the process getting exactly the same emissions of (life-creating) carbon dioxide as you would get from burning that coal in a power station.

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