Australian Election 2016 – Labor Party Snatches The Deficit Levy To Blow It All On Their Own Spending Instead

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Originally, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott introduced this Deficit Levy to help to pay down the huge Australian Debt associated with the borrowings associated with former Governments led by the Labor Party, which have given Australia a huge Deficit. Now, the Labor Party wants to use that money, not to pay down that huge debt, but to help fund the promises it makes in this election campaign, and to then extend that levy out for a further ten years…..TonyfromOz.

Australian Leader Of The Opposition Bill Shorten (Australian Labor Party)

Australian Leader Of The Opposition Bill Shorten (Australian Labor Party)

Deficit? What deficit? The Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten seems to have forgotten that Labor struggles to win elections if voters think it can’t be trusted with our money:

Bill Shorten intervened yesterday to commit Labor to keeping the 2 per cent deficit levy for a decade — and not use the proceeds to pay down debt…

The Opposition Leader said revenue raised from the deficit levy — an impost introduced by Tony Abbott as a temporary measure until mid-2017 on those earning more than $180,000 — would be used to help fund Labor ­”priorities”.

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