Australian Election 2016 – Spend, Spend, Spend, Spend

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

AustralianElection2016Yes, for this coming election here in Australia, the Labor Party is racking up billions on its “spendometer”, while the country slowly goes broke.

But the Liberal Party Coalition Government aren’t too shabby themselves at spending borrowed money:

Here’s a taste of what Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce will pledge today.

– Works programme development to provide water security & economic growth in Clermont – $225,000– Rookwood Weir construction – 50%, up to $130,000,000

– Urannah Dam feasibility study – $3,000,000

– Burdekin Haughton Channel capacity upgrade feasibility study – $1,915,000

– Gayndah Regional Irrigation Develop feasibility study – $1,231,024

– Feasibility study for a strategic water storage in north west Queensland – $1,765,000

– Hell’s Gate Dam feasibility study – $2,200,000

– Emu Swamp Dam business case development – $3,970,000

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