Australian Election 2016 – Who’d Vote For Any Of These Liberals?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~


Where you see the word ‘Liberal’ used here, be aware that The Liberal Party Of Australia is the major political party from the Conservative side of the political fence here in Australia, similar in nature and policies as The Republican Party in the U.S…..TonyfromOz.

Current sitting Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells would have more support as a conservative had she not blabbed to Niki Savva – on the record – that there was an (actually unfounded and scurrilous) belief that Tony Abbott was having an affair with chief of staff Peta Credlin.

So now there’s this brawl, caused in part by the unhealthy influence of Left-wing lobbyist Michael Photios:

LiberalPartyOfAustraliaLogoA split within the moderate [sic] wing of the NSW Liberal Party could see government minister Connie Fierravanti-Wells relegated to sixth position on the Senate ticket, risking another factional brawl and defying the public wishes of Malcolm Turnbull.

Sources told The Australian the Left faction is divided on whether to deliver what the Prime Minister wants — a Senate ticket ordered on seniority — or to consolidate an alliance with the Centre Right faction by elevating its candidate Hollie Hughes above the Minister for International Development.

After an unexpected deal with the Nationals, which gave them the third and fifth position on the Coalition’s double-dissolution Senate ticket in NSW, Senator Fierravanti-Wells and Ms Hughes are jockeying for the fourth spot behind cabinet ministers Marise Payne, Arthur Sinodinos and the Nationals’ Fiona Nash. Whoever misses out on the fourth place will be placed in the more difficult sixth position behind the Nationals’ John “Wacka” Williams…

Despite Mr Turnbull and Treasurer Scott Morrison ­arguing Senator Fierravanti-Wells should outrank Ms ­Hughes, a… moderate [sic] told The Australian the grouping was confident a sufficient number of state executive members were prepared to do a deal with the Centre Right. They say this would be useful to consolidate the alliance ­between the two factions, which was tested when the Left succeeded in installing moderate[sic]-aligned Jason Falinski in place of Bronwyn Bishop in Mackellar.

Falinski is a “moderate” only if you put him in the Greens party. Why the Liberals still tolerate the influence of a Photios in helping to impose such a person astonishes me.

As for the state executive, who’d trust a bunch of people whose greatest expertise seems to lie in getting themselves safe seats?

It’s becoming harder to vote for a single Liberal mentioned above.

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