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Today’s music video is Sowing The Seeds Of Love and this song is performed here by the Scottish band Tears For Fears.

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Over the years I have doing these Sunday Music Posts, I have featured a few songs from Scottish artists and bands. It always made me think about music, because while the songs are sung in sometimes the most perfect English accent with hardly a trace of the very broad at times Scottish accent, nearly every time I heard spoken interviews with those artists or band members, the accent was in the main so broadly Scottish, you either had to listen very hard to make out what they were saying, or, as sometimes happened with me, I just gave up on trying to understand what they were saying.

Right from my youth, I was always aware of the different accented speech of the varying spoken English language from around the World, especially English as spoken by the English themselves, that spoken by Americans, and even here in Australia where I live, where that same English language has an Australian orientation, also quite easily recognisable.

However, that broad Scottish dialect always intrigued me. In the mid and late 70’s, while I was still single, our family had a close family friend who was Scottish, and for the most time, his accented spoken word was so difficult to understand, and sometimes, I had absolutely no idea what he was saying. Then, the very first time I saw him drunk, it was the single most amazing revelation for me. When he was drunk, every word he spoke was in the most perfectly spoken English I had ever heard. It was impossible to even guess that he was Scottish. It was just so amazing. When he was sober, I asked him about it, and he was actually unaware of it, as, to him, he was just talking as he always did.

There were a few Scottish artists and bands around in the early and mid 1980’s, and they were often featured on the Australian TV music program, Countdown. It again accentuated that variation in accent, as more often than not during interviews, you could hardly make out what they were saying, most especially with one of the female artists at that time, Sheena Easton, who had a monster Number One Smash Hit with 9 to 5, renamed as Morning Train in the U.S. so as not to confuse it with the Dolly Parton hit song with the same name, 9 to 5. When she was interviewed, it was similar to the situation I mentioned earlier where I just gave up, because I could not understand a word she was saying, and yet her song was perfectly understandable.  One of those bands which became huge around that time was this Scottish based band, Tears For Fears.

TearsForFearsSowingTheSeedsOfLoveThe two main guys in the band Tears For Fears are Roland Orzabel and Curt Smith. They were huge in the early 80’s and separated after the release of their third album, but the name continued under original member Roland Orzabel, and they released further albums, but were not able to reproduce that early fame. Their first album produced a Top Five hit in the UK, Mad World, and also a second song from that album did well, the band now including Ian Stanley on keyboards, and Manny Elia on drums.

Their second album, released in 1985, was titled Songs From The Big Chair, and this was their huge smash hit album all over the World. It produced two Number One hits, Shout and Everybody Wants To Rule The World. After this album was released, the band then departed on a one year long around the World concert tour. The album stayed at and around the top of the UK charts for an astounding 12 months, spending almost 70 weeks overall in those UK charts. The album was Number One in the U.S. for five weeks. Three other songs from that same album also charted well as singles. The album was nominated in the UK for album of the year, and the song Everybody Wants To Rule The World won them Single Of The Year. I was a collector of LP vinyl records, and in the mid 1980’s music started to be released more on CD than on vinyl, and it was actually thought that vinyl would die out completely, thankfully, now shown to be unfounded. However, at around this time, I started to grow my collection of CD’s and at a later time, this CD, Songs From the Big Chair, was one of those original CD’s I did purchase.

Because of their fame, their third album, Seeds Of Love entered the UK charts at Number One, and even though quite successful, was nowhere near the scale of their ‘Big Chair’ album.

The video clip I have featured today is the lead Single from that album, Sowing The Seeds Of Love, and it also was as huge as the album it was lifted from, becoming a Worldwide hit for the band. This clip was taken at a live performance, and it’s great to see a rock band with the backing of an orchestra, adding something to it. This is also the full extended version of the song, because the song for radio airplay was shortened by almost two minutes.

It has a distinct flavour of The Beatles in their later years about the song, and, while seemingly a love song, Roland Orzabel considered this song to be the most political song he ever wrote, and it was written in the week of the election in the UK which saw Margaret Thatcher’s Government returned for a third term.

This is probably just another case of a band with a huge Monster, or a few of them in a short period of time, that just could not be repeated, and yet, having said that, those two huge songs from that ‘Big Chair’ album alone were worth having the band around, albeit briefly flashing onto the music scene, even though they still play these days, their most recent album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending being released in 2004.

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