Australian Election 2016 – Why Must We Pay The Dole To Those Too Drugged Or Lazy To Even Pick Fruit?

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This came about during the current Australian election campaign when the Government floated the idea of making backpacker tourists pay tax from the first dollar earned on what they earn during their Australian holidays, most subsidised with part time work, and in the main, seasonal fruit picking work. Previously, that amount they earned was tax free up to a certain threshold, and the idea was to make them pay taxes from the first dollar earned, and not just for each dollar they earned after reaching that threshold. That thought bubble has since been withdrawn, and the situation will stand as it always has. The question then asked was why fruit farmers have to rely upon transient workforce of backpacking tourists when there are plenty of unemployed people in those regions who will not consider this form of work. Andrew explains why below…..TonyfromOz.

The Coalition’s Senator Cory Bernardi gets a lesson on the unwillingness of the young to work during a tour of fruit-picking regions:

FruitPickingTime and time again we were told how hard it was to access domestic workers in regional communities. One example highlights the problem at hand.

In a significant town with 12.6 per cent unemployment, almost every horticultural job was filled by internationals. When asked why this was the case, one employer told me the following anecdote.

After advertising for workers they might receive 40 applications. When told of the need for a drug test more than half of the applicants drop out. Of those that do submit to the testing, another half fail the test.  Of the eight or so remaining, perhaps four are suitable for the job requirements. After offering them a position, the employer considers themselves lucky if two turn up for the first day.

Another employer told me of a similar circumstance in their business and stated that it wasn’t unusual for those that did start to just leave half way through, deciding that work was not for them.

Do the rest of us get to pick and choose which of the drop-outs we subsidise with the dole payments we donate?

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