Australian Election 2016 – The Left In Denial: Terror, Refugees And Other Challenges To Our Values Are Actually Central

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Yet again the Australian Labor Party goes into an election battling allegations – well-founded – that it is weak and evasive on borders, culture clashes and national identity.

Labor and journalists yet again scream that such issues as “diversions”, “distractions”, “divisive” and “racist”.

ALPLogoThey just don’t get it. These issues are actually important, even critical, and not distractions to voters but of essential interest and deep concern.

Labor keep suppressing or dodging debates on these issues. It must join them, and address the concerns of voters, not trying to argue them away.

Learn the lesson of the United States. Parties which don’t take border control seriously and don’t address legitimate fears that Western culture and identity is threatened by mass immigration will be challenged by erratic populists who do – note Donald Trump.

And to underline how important these issues are – and how ever-present in voters’ minds, check the news from just this week:

– terror raids in Melbourne

– terror arrest in Sydney

– men refusing to stand for a magistrate in a Melbourne court on the grounds that Allah forbids them to submit

– debate over the huge cost of importing illiterate refugees

– and an Egyptian plane crashes, almost certainly the target of a terrorist attack:

EGYPTAIR says the wreckage of its missing plane with 66 people on board has not been found…
Egypt’s aviation minister Sherif Fathy said terrorism was more likely than technical failure to be the cause of the crash. “The possibility of having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having a technical [problem],” he told reporters. French president François Holland, Egyptian prime minister Sherif Ismail and the White House said that terrorism could not be ruled out.

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