Australian Election 2016 – The Self Loathing Of The Greens Party

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

The Australian Greens Party’s positions – demanding what they’d learn to regret if ever done – are like the revolt of particularly resentful and spoiled children against their fathers:

The Greens now oppose the US alliance outright, labelling US foreign policy as a force with “horrific consequences”.

Australian Greens Party Leader Richard Di Natale

Australian Greens Party Leader Richard Di Natale

Greens Party Leader Senator Richard Di Natale demonised the US alliance, calling it dangerous and expensive and blaming it for global conflict, inequality and radicalisation. He also wants to scrap Australia’s plans to build 12 new powerful submarines.

And the Greens support for dismantling the strong borders policy that has stopped the flow of illegal immigrants arriving by boat. These are all positions that repudiate bipartisan bedrock policy and values the Liberal Party claims to hold dear.

There is a self-loathing here – and a sense of the eternal adolescent. There is an onanistic obsession with the faults of the family and a wilful blindness to the threat of strangers. For instance, the Greens can rage forever on the sins of Christians but say absolutely nothing about the Islam that has some adherents hang gays and throw them off tall buildings.


Greg Sheridan is right to warn that the Liberals preferencing the Greens is making a deal with the devil:

In Batman and Wills, a Liberal Faustian pact with the Greens would be particularly ironic as it would threaten two of Labor’s strongest supporters of the US alliance.

Batman’s David Feeney is opposition assistant defence spokesman and has been a strong proponent of Labor committing to match the Coalition’s goal of defence spending reaching 2 per cent of gross national product — as opposed to the Greens who want to slash defence spending.

In Wills, the Labor candidate is Peter Khalil, a former SBS executive who has worked for the Defence Department and was seconded to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. He followed this with a stint as a strategic analyst at the Brookings Institution.

Both Feeney and Khalil are orthodox, energetic social democrats on domestic policy and highly active supporters of the US alliance and a strong defence posture in national security issues.

It almost beggars belief that the Liberals could consider preferencing the anti-alliance Greens ahead of them.

The Liberals would be helping to give the Greens a greater voice to spread their creed and normalise it. It is like feeding the crocodile in the hope that you will be eaten last.

Labor is already paying plenty for having treated the Greens for too long as their better angels. Dennis Shanahan:

For the Greens, Labor is the party it sees both as a host and a victim from which it can drain political force like a parasitic fig and strangle into subservience, ultimately to death.

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