Australian Election 2016 – Do You Trust Your Retirement Savings In The Hands Of Money Hungry Politicians?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Peta Credlin is right, of course, where she says this:

There are two problems with the Coalition’s changes to superannuation. First, every candidate has to be able to explain them and super is notoriously complicated at the best of times.

AustralianElection2016Second, the government looks like it is using our savings to solve its Budget problems. Why should people trust a government that raids their personal, private savings whenever it needs money? We put our money into our superannuation so we can look after ourselves in our old age.

Claiming that the changes are not really retrospective, when they take into account contributions starting from 2007, makes the government look devious as well as unprincipled.

By the way, Peta Credlin will be on The Bolt Report tomorrow on Sky News Live at 7pm. Let’s see what she says about the typically snarky and unfair comments today of Niki Savva and David Marr on Insiders.

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