Australian Election 2016 – A Liberal Pact With The Forces Of Darkness

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Background from TonyfromOz:

Here in Australia in reference to politics, where you see the word Liberal, that is the official name of that political party, The Liberal Party Of Australia, and that is the major party from the Conservative side of the political fence.

A General Election for the Federal Government has been called for Saturday 2nd July. This election will be for both the House of Representatives, and the whole of The Senate. While everyone in the House of Representatives is always up for election, most Federal elections usually see only half the Senate up for election, and this time, all the Senate is up for election, and this is referred to here in Australia as a Double Dissolution Election.

For further explanatory information on the electoral process here in Australia, refer to my Post at the following link, and this was made in the lead up to an earlier election in 2010, hence the different date shown at that Post.

The Australian Electoral Process Explained

It’s like the pact the Allies made with Stalin:AustralianElection2016

Negotiations between the Liberals and the Greens to marginalise the Labor Party at the July 2 general election would see them preference the minor party in the Labor seats of Batman and Wills, and the Greens’ seat of Melbourne.In return, the Greens would issue open tickets — not preferencing Labor ahead of the Liberals — in outer-suburban seats. The final deal on those seats has not been done, but talks revolve around Liberal seats Corangamite and Dunkley, and Labor marginals Chisholm and Bruce.

Preferencing is where a party tells its voters in what order to number the candidates on the ballot paper.

The move is being driven by the Liberal Party’s Victorian president, Michael Kroger, who is aiming to force Labor to divert cash and resources into fighting the Greens in the inner city instead of the Liberals in the outer suburbs.

But the high-stakes strategy also risks alienating conservative Liberal voters and infuriating party activists who hate the thought of the party ­cutting a deal with its arch enemies…

It is understood Labor was briefed in the past fortnight by its negotiating team that the Greens were going to do a deal with the Liberals in Batman, Wills and Melbourne, and likely in the NSW seats of Grayndler and Sydney, held by senior Labor figures Anthony Albanese and Tanya Plibersek.

I understand Kroger’s aim – to force Labor to divert its campaign cash to defend otherwise safe seats. But this only works if the Coalition wins the election. Otherwise a malignant political force is made stronger in a coalition with Labor.

As for those open tickets, the number of Greens who choose to preference Liberals are very small.

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