Happy Mothers Day 2016

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PeaceRose300From all the in house writers here at PA PUNDITS INTERNATIONAL, we would like to extend our wishes for a wonderful Mothers Day to all our readers who are Mothers.

The Rose shown here is the renowned Peace Rose, first grown in 1945 to signify the hopes for peace after that awful conflict. The rose shown here is the original, which was grown as a white rose. It is the largest selling rose of all time, and has also had numerous different  varieties that have come up since, with different colours adding slightly to the main white colour, mainly in pinks and other delicate pink colours that appear around the edges of the flower.

This Peace Rose perfectly symbolises the peaceful and calming influence that Mothers always seem to have in abundance for their children.

On this day, children remember their mothers with a special affection that Mothers have for their children every day.PottedCyclamen

TonyfromOz adds:

My good lady wife lost her Mother when she passed away in 2003. Her Mother would always have a potted Cyclamen in her home around this time every year, as this was when they flowered. Each year, I have been getting one of these potted Cyclamen for my wife, as it always reminds her of her own Mother.

I always try to get one the same colour as the one shown here in the image. They are prolific flowering plants, even in pots like this, and they are quite popular selling plants for Mothers Day.

The Cyclamen flowers for anything up to five Months, even in pots like this. The flowers on this one are a delicate mauve colour, and you can see the small buds, drooping down slightly. Those flower stems are always coming through.  The soft feeling foliage also sets off well against the flowers, as it is a darker green, in a variegated colour as you can see here. The plant only need an occasional watering and they are very hardy in all climates.

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