Trump Wins Big In Indiana. Seals The Deal. UPDATE: Cruz Quits

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~


As has happened throughout this 2016 Primary Campaign, the Australian media has covered it like in no other year. The result of each Primary is reported in depth, for both sides of the political fence, with an emphasis on what is happening mainly with the Republican Primaries, with a special emphasis on Donald Trump…..TonyfromOz.


Forget it. It’s done. Trump will win the Republican nomination outright:

Donald J. Trump won Indiana’s Republican primary on Tuesday, moving him closer to claiming the party’s presidential nomination and delivering a devastating blow to Senator Ted Cruz and other Republicans hoping to stop him.

Mr. Cruz had pinned his hopes on Indiana, which seemed to offer one of his best chances to deny Mr. Trump the delegates needed to secure the nomination before the party convention in July.

But Mr. Trump, after obliterating his rivals in five states in the Northeast last week, held a strong polling lead in the state, which had 57 delegates up for grabs. His victory put him in a commanding position to clinch the nomination on June 7, when the last Republican contests are held.


Ted Cruz quits the race. It’s Trump.

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