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Today’s music video is Seven Spanish Angels and this song is performed here by two legends of modern music, Ray Charles and Willie Nelson.

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You could go through life and miss so much really good music. This song was released first in 1984. At the time, I didn’t hear it, and in fact, I only heard it for the first time in the last year. Here in Australia, there was not the audience to have radio stations specifically dedicated to just Country And Western Music, well not in the main Capital city areas anyway, so for a Country song to make it to general airplay, then that song had to quite literally be an absolute smash hit across all of the Genres of music.

When I first heard the song, I sat up and took notice, as it really was such a good song, and I wondered why I had never heard it before, thinking it was a fairly new song. Then I thought about it, knowing that Ray Charles passed away in 2004, so it must have been an old song. I forgot about until I heard the song again this week, and now I had the ability to track it down, which I did.

It’s just amazing how much good music is actually out there, and you never really know about it, never hear it, and when you do, you wonder how you missed it for so long.

This song, Seven Spanish Angels was written by Troy Seals and Eddie Setser. Ray Charles heard it and liked the song. Now, while Ray Charles is known as the ‘High Priest Of Soul’, he also crossed over into the Country Charts as well over the years, and in fact, across the years had eight songs chart on the Country Charts.

WillieNelsonRayCharlesBeing a Country And Western song , Ray Charles brought this song to the notice of his friend, the huge Country Music star, Willie Nelson, and they recorded the song as a duet.

The song was released on the album titled Half Nelson, and there are ten songs on that album, and Willie Nelson sings as half of a duet with ten other individual artists. (Album shown at this link)

This is a typical song from that Western Genre which makes up Country And Western Music. On it’s release, the song charted well on the main Country Charts in the U.S. and actually made it to Number One, the highest charting Country song that Ray Charles released.

It’s about a Mexican Outlaw who is being tracked by a Posse who want to take him back to Texas to answer for his crimes. He is on the run with his girlfriend when they are cornered in a ravine, mentioned in the song as the ‘valley of the gun’. The outlaw realises this is the end, and he vows to the girl that he will not be taken back to Texas alive. He is killed in the resultant shootout. His girlfriend knows that she cannot live without her lover, so she takes up his now empty gun, and pointing it in the direction of the posse, she is subsequently killed as well. With each of the two deaths, those seven Spanish angels welcome home another angel, the two lovers together again, and now at peace.

It’s a typical sad song, but is done so well here by these two legends of modern music, with Ray Charles taking the role of the outlaw, and Willie Nelson, giving the response of the young woman.

It is surprising that as much as you would like to think you have certain tastes in music, and because of that, you know what you like and stay with that brand of music, and then something like this, probably perceived as outside your sphere of interest pops up and surprises you so much. Because of that, my own musical tastes have expanded across the years into perhaps what I might now describe as being more rounded.

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