Australian Politics – Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott Says No Hope Of A Return, But He Sets A High Bar For Turnbull

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

From Tony Abbott’s interview with me on Sky News Live last night:

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott has publicly shelved any ambitions of a return to the nation’s top job

“I accept that the party made a decision back on September 14 last year and I don’t expect the party to ever go back on that decision,” he told Sky. “But political parties don’t go back. The Abbott era has been. And I think my role is to be, occasionally perhaps, an elder statesman.”

Maybe. But Abbott has again gone through his own mistakes, in a way that Paul Keating, Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd never did. Why?

Missed in some of the coverage of the interview:

– Abbott has pointed to a great flaw in the Turnbull Government’s submarine contract: that we won’t get the first for at least another 15 years and the last until nearly 2060. That must change:

We need to get the next generation of submarines into the water and operational as quickly as is humanly possible.

– Abbott set the bar high for Malcolm Turnbull in dealing with the closing of the Manus detention centre by Papua New Guinea. He ruled out sending the 900 men to Christmas Island with a simple “nope” and insisted they stay in PNG, as PNG’s responsibility.

TonyfromOz adds…..

Note here that Australia’s new submarine project will see the first boat delivered around 2030, and the last of those 12 boats finally delivered in 2060. Umm, what? 2060. You know, 45 years from now, decades after they become obsolete.

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