Green Pants On Fire

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Here in Australia, being green seems to be a licence to spread baseless alarm.

New South Wales Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham – promoted by the ABC – lights up methane bubbling through the Condamine River in Queensland and blames it on fracking:

This area has been drilled with thousands of CSG wells and fracked. This river for kilometres is bubbling with gas and now it’s on fire.

This is the future of Australia and the Murray-Darling Basin if we do not stop the frackers who wants to spread across all states and territories … this is utterly unacceptable.

Not so, says even the CSIRO, deeply committed to green issues:

Professor Damian Barrett, research director of the CSIRO’s onshore gas programme, insisted it was “unlikely” that the gas seep was linked to fracking in the region.

Barrett said there were naturally occurring fissures in the rock in that part of the Darling Downs where, owing to the coal beds being less than 100m from the surface, methane had been known to leak out. At least four of those fissures are in a 3km stretch of the Condamine river, including Pumphole.

“The presence of the industry there has not caused that crack to occur or that fault to occur, it’s been there for aeons,” Barrett told Guardian Australia. “The gas has probably been coming to the surface there for as long as people have been there.”


Terry McCrann on more green deceit:

The great defining, all-unifying, feature of global warming true believers and climate change propagandists is dishonesty…

The lies go from the big to the small. From distorting and yet also denying the temperature record. From seizing on every weather event as ‘proof’ of warming/CC…

But arguably the most egregious, most offensive and quite deliberate lies are those that equate CO2 — the absolute foundation of life on earth — with ‘pollution’; and the characterisations of ‘dirty’ as opposed to ‘clean’ or ‘green’ energy.

This is done to generate the impression that they are talking about real pollution — the dirty bits of grit that coal-fired power stations used to deposit across the landscape and into lungs…

I got a great note from Queenslander and occasional correspondent Viv Forbes that details this reality brilliantly and punishingly. He chose ‘Earth Day’ to call for a celebration of the true green fuels — oil, coal, gas, nuclear and, in places, geothermal and hydro…

“It was petroleum that provided the kerosene that replaced whale oil in lamps and greatly reduced the slaughter of whales,” Forbes began.

“Coal saved the forests that were being cut down for smelters, forges, charcoal, heaters and stoves.

“Steel made with coke then replaced wood for mine props, bridges and tall buildings. As steam engines and iron ships replaced wooden wind-jammers in world navies and merchant fleets, the forests expanded…”


Tree huggers have more to hug. Global warming – or the extra man-made carbon dioxide said to create it – has made our planet greener, according to a new study:

We show a persistent and widespread increase of growing season integrated LAI (greening) over 25% to 50% of the global vegetated area, whereas less than 4% of the globe shows decreasing LAI (browning).


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