Australian Politics – Karma Comes To Prime Minister Turnbull’s Supporters

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Beware the curse of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott!

Things have not gone well for the 54 MPs who voted to replace Tony Abbott with Malcolm Turnbull six months ago.

First, they’ve seen their initial support sink so that Labor is now 50/50 with the Government – and with the wind behind it.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

But many of the Turnbull backers have suffered personally. Count them.

Malcolm Turnbull himself has come under severe criticism and pressure, with his personal approval falling.

Dennis Jensen yesterday lost his preselection, and without any irony at all protested at being betrayed.

Mal Brough has had to first resign his ministry and then from Parliament as police confirmed they were interviewing him over claims that he tried to procure personal information from a public servant about former Speaker Peter Slipper.

Arthur Sinodinos faces renewed criticisms and allegations over what he knew about secret and unlawful donations to the Liberals.

Teresa Gambaro is quitting Parliament.after being denied promotion.

Ian Macfarlane is quitting Parliament after being denied the ministry position he expected from Turnbull and then being blocked from moving to the nationals.

Phillip Ruddock is quitting Parliament after coming under severe pressure in his preselection.

Concetta Fierravanti-Wells was humiliatingly denied the top spot on the Liberals NSW Senate ticket after anger at her betrayal of Abbott.

Scott Morrison, whose supporters switched to Turnbull, has been marginalised and belittled as Treasurer by the Prime Minister he helped to install (without actually voting for him himself).

Bronwyn Bishop, who so outrageously betrayed Abbott, is now in danger of losing the preselection she long assumed was sewn up.

Julie Bishop, who plotted with Turnbull and betrayed her leader, has suffered big reputational damage within the party and is now written off as a future leader. In fact, she will be unlikely to serve out another full term.

Stuart Robert has had to resign his ministry after confusing personal interests with his job and faces investigation by police..

Sharman Stone is quitting Parliament.

Michael Ronaldson has quit politics after being dumped as Minister. (Ronaldson was not among the 54, but only because he arrived too late to back Turnbull.)

Luke Simpkins has come under fire over his expenses.

Coincidence? Karma?


A thought: take out the Turnbull supporters now leaving parliament and add the marginal seat holders (many, like Sarah Henderson, who voted for Turnbull) likely to lose their seats and the Prime Minister looks not so invulnerable as the leadership vote six months ago suggests.


On notice to behave:

KEVIN Andrews … says he would be prepared to challenge for the leadership of the Liberal party, and therefore the Prime Ministership, under the right circumstances…

Malcolm Turnbull’s elevation to the Prime Minister’s office last year resulted in Mr Andrews challenging fellow Liberal Julie Bishop for the deputy leadership of the party…

A party room vote saw Mr Andrews lose 30 votes to 70, a greater margin than when Mr Andrews unsuccessfully challenged Mr Turnbull for the leadership in 2009 over the party’s support for an emissions trading scheme.

Mr Andrews said any future attempt by him to assume the Liberal leadership would happen under those circumstances rather than him “setting out and saying I want to be Prime Minister”….

Mr Andrews said it was “true” he was a leader of the conservative side of the Liberal party.

“But I see that leadership as a kind of intellectual leadership,” he said.

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