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Today’s music video is Easy and the song is performed here by The American group The Commodores.

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This video was posted to You Tube by Clay Culver

I find it really amazing just how the brain works, especially when it comes to music. You hear an old song, and immediately, you know the song, the title, the band, and sometimes even the year the song was a hit. It happens to me so many times, and sometimes, I’m even taken back to the time and place where I most remember the song.

It happened again this morning when I heard this song on the radio.

Yep, the song is Easy and the singer is Lionel Richie, and I guessed it to be some time in the late 80’s. Or so my brain told me.

Then, at the end of the song, the announcer came on and said “And that was Easy from Faith No More.”

I was taken somewhat aback, as I was certain it was Lionel Richie.

So, I came to the computer and checked. Lo and behold, the song I had heard on the radio was in fact by Faith No More, released in 1994, and it was their cover version of the song, a remake of the 1977 song, released, not by Lionel Richie, but the band he was a member of at that time, The Commodores.

The next task was to listen to both songs, because the one I heard played on the radio was all but a carbon copy of the original, even down to the guitar break in the middle of the song. In fact, they were almost identical. It was odd really, because that band Faith No More were well known as a Heavy metal band, so this song is way way out in left field for them.

TheCommodoresEasyThe original was by The Commodores, and was written by Lionel Richie, who played piano and keyboards for this famed band, and was one of the two lead singers the band had at that time. They were mostly Soul oriented, and were popular in the Rhythm and Blues genre. They had a couple of songs prior to this one which actually crossed over into the mainstream music charts and did well, and the band, seeing this, started writing songs which would suit audiences more mainstream than R&B and Soul, and Lionel Richie set out to do just that, write songs for that audience.

This was one of the first, and three or four more followed on the heels of this song, and the band was now established into a much wider market. Lionel Richie became more of the ‘front man’ for the band that he was, and because of that, he then went out solo in 1982, and developed a huge following with a string of hit songs.

The Commodores formed in 1974 as a combination of two earlier bands. They were one of the bands who were huge artists when Tamla Motown were at their peak.

This song was released early in 1977, and became a huge hit for the band. It reached Number One on the R&B charts and crossed over to reach Number Four on the mainstream charts, and was a Number One on a lot of local charts, as it was here in Australia as well, hence the reason I remember it so well from that time.

It was the start of a string of mainstream charts, culminating with the song Three Times A Lady, which was a Monster Number One on all the charts.

Now, Lionel Richie was a huge name, and this is what prompted him to embark on an immensely successful solo career.

It again made me think of how your mind gets so used to hearing a song, that when what is an almost exact copy comes along, you think it is the original. I was actually certain that the announcer had got it wrong, when in fact, I was the one who was mistaken.

It’s just a great song, no matter who sings it.

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