Victoria’s Labor Party Built A Desalination Plant We Did Not Need. Now It Buys Water We Don’t Need, Either

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Here in Victoria Australia, the Labor Party cannot be trusted with your drinking water.

Years ago I warned that the then Victorian Labor Government was making a terrible mistake, building a desalination plant that would produce only a third of the water of a new dam for at least four times the price.

I was almost alone, unfortunately, and lost that battle. The Liberals (the major Conservative political party here in Australia) were too weak to fight it.

But what astonishes me most about Kenneth Davidson’s latest article in The Age is that the new Labor Government is finally buying hideously expensive water from its mothballed desalination plant it does not need:


Why is the Andrews government ordering water from AquaSure’s desalination plant at Wonthaggi when there is no water shortage likely and, even if there were, cheaper alternatives are available?

Under the terms of the contract, the government is paying AquaSure $640 million a year, or $1.8 million a day, to keep the plant operational if needed…

The order of 50 billion litres for 2016-17 seems without rhyme or reason. It will increase the cost to Melbourne Water users by $200,000 a day to about $670 million a year….

[Melbourne Water’s] storage records show a long-term annual average inflow of 615 billion litres between 1913 to 2013 and 520 billion litres between 2010 to 2015?

Melbourne Water picked out the worst run of figures, between 1997 and 2009, with an average annual inflow of 376 billion litres [to justify the purchase from the desal plant]. But it didn’t point out that, together with the existing reservoir storage levels of 1137 billion litres, this drought-affected average provides enough water to last more than 20 years before the dams become unusable – four times the time needed to build a dam!…

The order for water can only logically be seen as contrivance for the government, through water users, to pay for repairs to the desalination plant – rather than AquaSure. What is going on?

Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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