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Today’s music video is Shadow Of A Lonely Man and the song is performed here by The Alan Parsons Project with the lead vocal performed by John Miles.

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Something about these regular Sunday Music Posts I make is immensely pleasurable for me. Each song I Post takes me back to the time when I remember first hearing it. It’s like my own personal journey through the past. Some of the songs I post come to me in a flash, and others I have to work at. Then I just go looking for them, and nowadays, I can find virtually every song I think of, and I’d be hard pressed to think of a song I haven’t been able to find.

The song I posted last week (at this link) was a tune that was rolling around in my head for a day or so. I had to actually chase down the title for the song, as I mentioned in that Post, and then go looking for it, and again, for such an obscure song, I still located it.

Immediately I thought of that song, I played some of the music from it, and my thoughts then turned to this song.

It also is from The Alan Parsons Project, a group of musicians gathered together by Alan to produce the music he had in mind. Alan Parsons, while a musician himself, had his main job as a music engineer at Abbey Road, where he worked on a number of important albums for some of the biggest music stars of the time. He was a master at what he did, and his list of credits as an Engineer is a long one, foremost among them, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon, and the work he contributed towards that album led to his being referred to as the fifth Floyd.

He wanted to go out on his own, and make concept music.

Being an Engineer, he had the inside running really, as he had worked for so many famous artists and bands, he just asked the question, and they all got in and helped him, and while he contributed some work as  a musician on each of his albums, his forte was still the engineering, and each of his albums is superbly done, a tribute to just how good he was at his day job.

Today’s music Post is again an obscure song I think very few people have even heard, and it brings something to mind immediately. Have you ever heard a song and really liked it, and then wondered why you’ve never heard it before, because you think it’s good enough to get airplay. You wonder why the artist or band never released that song as a Single.

AlanParsonsProjectPyramidThis song is Shadow Of A Lonely Man, and it’s the last track on Alan’s third studio album, Pyramid, released in 1978. Again, a group of many musicians worked on this album. One of those was the singer John Miles, who sang the vocals for this song. It’s a classic story of a man looking back on what he had once, and what he’s come to now. John Miles had sung before for this group, on Alan’s first album, the song I featured last week.

I was actually quite glad I was a fan of this group, and had obtained both earlier albums, and got hold of this one as it was released. I had some friend who wouldn’t buy an album until they had seen reviews of it. I myself was an avid reader of Rolling Stone, and they had a number of album reviews in every one of their newspapers at the time, before it went to a magazine format. On nearly every occasion, the review I read for any of the albums I had was almost like the reviewer was listening to an entirely different album, so I had learned to trust my own opinion of what music I would get hold of, because had I waited for a review, I probably would not have got the album in the first place. All the reviews I read for this Alan Parsons album were nowhere near as positive as the opinion I had of this album.

I have mentioned that I can’t recall not being able to find any of the songs I want to post, and such was the case here with this song too, as obscure as it may be. There are no clips of the band performing this song, so all I have is this clip of the studio version of the song, and it is overlaid with images. The main images show the singer, here, John Miles. You see an image of Alan sitting behind his engineering desk. Any review of the album can be placed into perspective, because Alan was again nominated for a Grammy Award as best engineered album of the year. Alan has been nominated for 11 Grammy Awards, and 8 of them have been for best engineered album.

I have six of his 10 Studio albums, and I was not disappointed with any of them.

Alan Parsons may have been a master recording engineer, but he also has brought out some wonderful music of his own.

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