Australian Politics Prime Minister Turnbull’s Green Scheme For Power

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Miranda Devine on Malcolm Turnbull’s lean to the Greens:

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

WHILE conservatives rip into each other over the Tony Abbott-Peta Credlin saga, they’re missing a looming disaster as Malcolm Turnbull quietly stitches up a power-sharing deal with the Greens that has the potential to remake Australia…

At the same time Liberal powerbroker Michael Kroger has been creeping around Victoria stitching up cynical preference deals with the Greens to deliver them Labor marginal seats, and Turnbull has been dithering over union-busting bills in case they offend the Greens, who owe much of their cash flow to unions.

The stage is being set for a July 2 double–dissolution election that will remake the Senate… Tempting though it may be to stop the likes of Jacqui Lambie and Glenn Lazarus holding the country to ransom, the alternative is far worse. Imagine a Senate controlled by the likes of Sarah Hanson-Young and Scott Ludlam…

According to Senator David Leyonhjelm … at the infamous crossbench dinner at the Lodge last month when Lambie and Lazarus walked out on Turnbull before dessert, Turnbull told him: “I’d rather deal with the Greens and (green-leaning independent Nick) Xenophon than with Lambie and Lazarus.”

Of course he would. Turnbull … is a greenie at heart. Doing a deal with the pragmatic new Greens leader Richard Di Natale would be as natural as mother’s milk.

All the more reason for conservatives to conclude it is better than Turnbull be defeated than let his hijacking of the Liberals succeed.

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