Intercept Editor: GOP Is Party Of ‘Hate, Torture, And Bigotry’

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AlatheiaLarsenpicture-459-1430232516By Alatheia Larsen ~

Liberals who think conservative rhetoric is offensive should take a look in the mirror.

On Thursday, liberal Intercept editor Dan Froomkin let loose a vile twitter rant, calling the entire GOP a party of ‘hate, torture and bigotry” during the Republican debate. He even tweeted a challenge at CNN moderator Jake Tapper to disrupt the debate.

Here’s his initial attack:

The four remaining Republican candidates had met at the University of Miami for the twelfth GOP debate on March 10, 2016. The debate, hosted by CNN, was the last debate before “Super Tuesday 3,” when voters in Florida, Ohio, Mississippi, and Illinois head to the polls.

Froomkin also personally attacked the candidates themselves:

Later, he even challenged CNN’s Jake Tapper (one of the moderators) to disrupt the debate:

Before becoming The Intercept’s Washington editor, Froomkin was the senior Washington correspondent and bureau chief for The Huffington Post, editor of, “ and wrote The Washington Post’s “White House Watch” column from 2004 to 2009.

The Intercept describes Froomkin as an “outspoken proponent of accountability journalism,” but really he’s a glorified liberal opinion writer. In September, 2013, Froomkin threw journalism ethics to the wind and argued that journalists should interject their own liberal bias to report the news. Froomkin is no stranger to bad-mouthing Republicans, either. In October, 2013, he accused Republicans of creating a “manufactured crisis” during the government shut-down.

The Intercept was created and funded by liberal eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, as a place to publish leaked, confidential information. Initially, The Intercept was started to publicize documents provided by Edward Snowden.

Alatheia Larsen contributes posts at the NewsBusters site where she is  a staff writer/research analyst for MRC Business.

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