Survey: Most Canadians Are Warming Sceptics, Too

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

A CSIRO survey last year found most Australians were now global warming sceptics:

A CSIRO survey of more than 5000 people has confirmed it, even though warmist reporters tried to spin it.

For the first time since Al Gore’s 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth claimed man was heating the world to disaster, Australians who believe this scare are outnumbered by those who don’t. True, a worrying 45.9 per cent of Australians do still think man is mostly to blame for what warming we’ve seen over the past several decades.

But those believers are now outnumbered by people who think this warming is natural (38.6 per cent) or not occurring at all (7.9 per cent) — which means sceptics total 46.5 per cent. The rest don’t know.

Now a survey by Montreal University shows most Canadians are sceptics, too, although researchers are furiously trying to disguise the finding:


The researchers demanded corrections to a CBC report so it constructively misleads readers:

EDITOR’S NOTE: CBC has made changes to this story following clarification by the researchers. An earlier version said that a majority of Canadians surveyed didn’t believe that climate change was caused by humans. In fact, the study found that 61 per cent of respondents believed the earth is getting warmer partly or mostly because of human activities.

But from the graphic above, taken from the Montreal University website, it seems most Canadians are indeed sceptics – not necessarily believing the earth is warming or, if so, that man is largely to blame.

Only 44 per cent of Canadians think the earth is warming and man is largely to blame – the classic global warming narrative.

But 56 per cent of Canadians think there is no warming, or are not sure there is warming, or if there is warming, that man is not largely to blame. These are all sceptical positions.

In fact, the researchers are misleading in insisting 61 per cent of Canadians believe there is warming and than man is largely or partly to blame.  Those holding this view would actually include many people normally called sceptics – people who think the earth is warming somewhat, but that most of that warming is actually natural.

That category would include even me, for instance. I believe the world has warmed over the past century, but that most of this warming seems to have been natural. Certainly the climate models, predicated on a belief that man’s emissions affect the climate strongly, have wildly exaggerated the warming we’ve seen.

So whichever way you cut the data presented, most Canadians are indeed sceptics. But check how the researchers refuse to admit this inconvenient truth.

What other truths won’t they pass on?

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