Trump Wins South Carolina, Jeb Bush Quits

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Another strong primaries win for Donald Trump, this time in South Carolina, with the biggest black and Latino minorities yet:


I can’t seem him being headed off now, until more establishment rivals drop out to let their support consolidate behind Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, so one of them establishes themselves as the true and clear alternative.

And that is why the biggest news today is that Jeb Bush, long touted as the favorite and the man with the biggest war-chest, had dropped out of the race. His support, such as it is, could well flow most to Rubio. It had better, for the Republican establishment’s sake.

So Rubio did well today – a strong second, and Bush gone.

But who’s to say many of Bush’s supporters won’t rally behind Trump instead? The longer he goes on, the more serious a prospect he seems.


Paul Mirengoff warns that more Republican contenders had better drop off fast – faster than this – to give Rubio a chance:

In a four-way race, Trump will probably continue to prosper. Someone in the “establishment” should have a long talk with Kasich. Better yet, Rubio should consider offering him a place on his ticket.

Cruz may have trouble winning anywhere other than Texas, but I don’t see him leaving the race anytime soon. A Trump-Rubio showdown, it ever happens, may well occur too late.

And Trump looks like the one of the two who will actually excite most and offer the biggest hope of change.


A win for Clinton, but not as strong as expected:

Hillary Clinton beat back a surprising stiff challenge from rival Bernie Sanders on Saturday, winning a close race in Nevada’s Democratic presidential caucuses.

With 68% of the votes counted, Mrs. Clinton had a 52.2% lead compared with 47.7% for the Vermont senator.

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