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Today’s music video is Kiss And Say Goodbye and the song is performed here by the Rhythm And Blues vocal group The Manhattans.

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Over the years, the lines between the different genres of music have become blurred, and this is seen mostly when songs which are ostensibly from one specific genre cross over into mainstream music. This was even further accentuated here in Australia. In the U.S. because the audience is so huge they can have separate Music Charts for the different genres of music, and occasionally, some songs from one genre will cross over into the Mainstream Music charts and become as much of a hit there as it is in its own music genre. The same can be said for the radio stations which play the music. Again, because of the huge audiences in the U.S. they can have separate radio stations which just play the one genre of music, while here in Australia, with much smaller audiences, even in the Major Capital cities, the radio stations just played everything in together, so those lines between music genres were even more blurred here than they might have been in the U.S.

Because of that, the songs which made the major charts here in Australia were all mainstream, and only the really big hits in separate music genres got played on radio here in Australia, where it was all termed just as Popular Music, and here this term is actually distinct from the genre referred to in later years as Pop Music.

This song featured today is ostensibly from the Rhythm And Blues music genre, perhaps even Soul Music also, and yet here in Australia, it was just referred to as another Hit Song.

TheManhattansKissAndSayGoodbyeThe song charted as well here in Australia as it did in the U.S. and in fact, all over the World. It was a huge Hit, Number One here and everywhere.

And here’s where that crossing of the genres also comes even more distinctly into play. The song was written in early 1975 by Winifred Lovett,  a member of this group, The Manhattans, and when he wrote the song, he actually envisaged it as a Country song, and he had perhaps Glen Campbell or Charley Pride in mind to record the song. He decided to let the group go with the song and it was further arranged for them by Bobby Martin from Philadelphia, who had already had a couple of hits with another vocal group, MFSB, who had a monster hit of their own with (TSOP) The Sound Of Philadelphia.

After getting the song down so they were happy with it, they held onto the song and finally released it in 1976, when it became a Monster Hit, crossing over to the Mainstream charts and climbing that as quickly as it it did on the Rhythm and Blues charts.

Not surprisingly, the song was written late at night, and how many times have I heard of this happening, writers penning songs in the dead of the night, almost as if it came to them in a dream, and then quickly writing down the lyrics and the tune before they forget it.

It’s a typical story of the breakup of a love triangle, and is very effectively handled here in the singing of the song with the deeper voice doing the opening monologue, explaining the situation, and then the higher voice coming in with the singing part of the song.

It’s just such a beautiful song, and crosses the years, now 40 years since it was released, as good now as it was when first released.

What is also nice to see is the original film clip for the song, so wonderfully done by a group with an already long established presence as a live music act. The group had been together for almost 15 years before they had this song, by far their biggest hit. They were already a popular Rhythm and Blues act, and had a number of relatively minor hits over the years on those R&B Charts, but this was the song that rocketed them to stardom.

I selected this specific clip as it shows the group as a five piece outfit. Not long after this, one of the members left and they continued their careers as only a four piece outfit.

And as you watch this clip from 1976, could this perhaps be the genesis of today’s Boy Bands?

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