This Political Pope Attacks Trump As A Non-Christian

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

So Christians who don’t agree with the Pope’s politics aren’t Christians? They aren’t Christians if they don’t agree with his own hypocritical and deadly border policies?

What a disgraceful use of his office:

PopeFrancisPope Francis has intervened explosively in the US election campaign, saying Donald Trump cannot claim to be a Christian while vowing to build a border wall to keep out immigrants.

Anyone, whoever he is, who only wants to build walls and not bridges is not a Christian,” the pontiff told journalists during his return journey from a trip to Mexico.

He was responding to a question about the Republican White House hopeful’s anti-immigrant stance.

“Vote, don’t vote, I won’t meddle. But I simply say, if he says these things, this man is not a Christian,” Pope Francis said.


The Pope is hardly an arbiter of moral border policies, when you judge by the ugly results of the open borders he seems to recommend:

Same story in Europe, where the Pope’s demands encourage exactly the consequences he deplores. Where he seems good by recommending what actually leads to evil. In 2014:

Last Thursday some 300 Africans died while trying to smuggle themselves into Italy, and the Pope, hands seeming to shake with anger, railed: “The word disgrace comes to me.”He added: ‘’Let us unite our efforts so that similar tragedies do not happen again. Only a decided collaboration among all can help to stop them.’’…

And what “decided collaboration” is needed to end such drownings? The Pope did not explain, but the European Council for Refugees and Exiles did.

It was as the Greens demand here: to give such migrants “an alternative to resorting to illegal means of entry through dangerous routes”.

The Italian navy and later a European one were deployed. NGOs sent rescue vessels. But instead of getting fewer drownings they got more, this week again:

The number of migrants asphyxiated in the hold of an overcrowded fishing boat off the Italian coast has climbed to 49 as the EU struggled to cope with “the worst refugee crisis since World War II,” with thousands making dangerous crossings to reach Italy and Greece…

The result of this kind of hand-wringing and no-barriers policy? More than 1 million illegal immigrants landed in Europe last year, causing massive social dislocation and increased crime. And the death toll has risen, with no sign of an end to the invasion:

About 400 people have died crossing into Europe in 2016, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) says…

The IOM says more than 68,000 migrants arrived on Greek shores in the first five weeks of 2016, despite often stormy conditions. This is a huge rise from last year, when the figure for the whole of January was less than 1,500.


Contrast what the Pope says with what the Pope does:

The Vatican, for its part, welcomes millions of visitors a year — but allows only a very select few, who meet strict criteria, to be admitted as residents or citizens. Only about 450 of its 800 or so residents actually hold citizenship…


I suspect the Pope will just become the latest politician to take on Trump and come off looking foolish.

Scott Johnson of Power Line agrees:

Donald Trump’s progress toward the Republican nomination is beginning to look fated. When it comes to good luck, or divine intervention, can anything beat Pope Francis’s condemnation of Donald Trump today for supporting a wall protecting the southern border of the United States?…

The Pope has given Trump a great gift. The Pope has in effect picked a fight with Trump on which Trump has the better of the argument six ways from Sunday, so to speak. Especially in the American context, it is an argument on which Trump occupies the high ground.

When will clerics learn that the minute they become political that they’ve lost half their audience and most of their authority?

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